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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Siberian Cat Lovers. This Community is for breeders and owners of the Siberian Cat. You will find information on the breed, kittens and cats for sale, owners of Siberian Cats, and people to contact for information about the breed and where to acquire a Siberian Cat for yourself. Informative with lots of pictures of the lovely Siberian Cat. Why use a search engine when you can see them all here.

Lundberg Siberians
We are a small home cattery located in Albany Oregon. We raise Siberian kittens underfoot with love and care.

Siberian Cats Anya and Alex
Meet Siberian Cats Anya and Alex from New York. Visit also Kisa from the same cattery and the Arii's Memorial page.

Amante's Siberian Cats
Our small home based cattery is located in Helsinki Finland. Gordi and Siiri are the foundations cats for our breeding program. The first Amante's litter was born in December 2001. The next litter is planned ...

Gordi's Siberian Cat Portal
Portal for links to other Gordi's Siberian sites. After there is no more space on Gordi's friends' site, this new site is also going to have pages for his new friends. Also other new pages are planned, ...

Katy McFurr Siberians
Information about Siberian cats and kittens and availability

Siberian cats from Tokyo Japan! ALMAZ is active in TICA show. You can see many cats all around the world and ALMAZ kittens.

Siberian Cat Gordi and friends
Siberian Cat Gordi from Finland and his international Siberian friends from around the world. Visit the Siberian Picture Gallery and explore the Siberian Cat related links.

Siberian Cats Patches and Scooter
Patches and Scooter are two Siberians from sunny Florida. They are waiting to meet you, so please stop by and visit for a while.

Misty and Nikki
Siberian cats - Misty and Nikki of Madison, Alabama.

Siberian Cats Website
Rose's Siberian Cats Website with original photography of Siberians, a Siberian Cat Message Board, cat humor, and many pages of information about Siberian cats.

Gordi's Siberian friends - POKO
Poko is a Siberiancat male from Finland. His official name is Siperiankulta Bogolan and he has born 24th October 1997. He is very friendly, lively and active cat.

Siberian Cat Sasha
Sasha is a black Siberian who is 2 years old. He came from Kentucky from Florida and his full name is Kravchenka Sasha Bebi. He was born 4-14-98. He's very athletic, loves heights, is very talkative and ...

Amazing Siberian Cats and Kittens of Svetdanhaus
Siberian cat breeders and importers of registered Champion Russian Siberian cats and kittens. Siberian cats make excellent feline pets, Siberian cats and kittens for sale.

It`s a personal site about Siberian cats: history of breed, Siberian character, nice photos, BABY-SHOP, interesting links!

Moscow cattery (Russia) of breeding siberians in color-point and traditional colors. Information on cats and kittens. It is a lot of photos. Look at our cats and kittens, watch how they grow up. Wel ...

Velikii Ohotnik Cattery
Hobby breeders of Neva Masquerade cats (Siberian colorpoints)in Moscow, Russia. Look at our cats and kittens, watch how they grow up

White Nights -the Cattery of Siberian cats
We are located in Seattle Washington. Our cats came from reputable breeders directly from Russia. We work with Colorpoint and other colors. Come to visit our website and get introduced to Venus and Egor ...

Siberian Expres
Siberian Neva Masquerade

Regal Siberian Cattery
Best Cure from the Stress Championship Blood Lines Excellent Friends & Companions Prefect Temperament Registered with TICA & CFA Traditional Colors A cat lover, just looking for a friend, Siberian is ...

Nikarl Siberian Cats
Hobby breeder of quality Siberian Kittens, traditional tabbies and colourpoints, with and without white. Kittens are bred for Health, Personality and Standard in an immaculate non-smoking home by cat specialist, ...

Olga the Cat
A site about Olga, my siberian girl.

Siberian Cats from Siberia
Siberian Cats from Siberia

Siberian Kittens
Offering TICA registered hypo-allergenic siberians at an affordable price. We ship worldwide. Our sire is imported. Specializing in traditional colors with silver. View our website for more info www.f ...

ForestWindSiberians: Pure, Traditional Siberians from Russia
Your gorgeous, healthy, and affectionate pure Siberian kitten is available here! Our lines imported from Russia. We support feline research in general, as well as Siberian research specifically. If you ...

New York Siberian Kittens
New York hypoallergenic Siberian Kittens for sale. Healthy, huge, huggable, hypollergenic, home raised kittens are loving, playful and ready to make your house a home! Pure Siberians, most hand carried ...