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This community is for Australian Home-schoolers who blog about their journey in home-based-learning.

Aussie HOMEschool Bloggers
This is the main page for Aussie HOMEschool Bloggers!

An Aussie mum who delights in learning at home with her children. In a nutshell, we could be classified as Bible-First, eclectic, thematic, literature loving, natural learners who are trying to cultivate ...

~Beyond Bluestockings~
The thoughts of a bible believing, old paths, literal six day creationist Christian, with conservative political leanings, a desire to see families strengthened, a thirst for truth, a mild redneck flavour ...

Living Without School
We describe our days as a Catholic unschooling family.

Pillars of Pine
Shacommunity our homeschooling journey from Pine Villa, Australia.

A Peaceful Day
We're an Australian homeschooling family. We're passionate about the educator Charlotte Mason, the Ambleside Online curriculum, MEP maths, the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Australia, Japanese aesthetics, ...

My Hearts At Home
Ramblings of a Christian single mother, homeschooling her children in the beautiful Hunter Valley, NSW.

Enducommunity Prize
A journal of a Christian homeschool mother who loves to gather her wispy ideas and turn them into concrete thoughts. Michelle is also a publisher of Australian homeschool materials and runs Downunder ...

Quo Vadis?
Our Christian Classical homeschooling journey.

Bush Homeschooler
We are a family homeschooling in the bush in rural Australia

Homeschool Australia
large site with general information and articles on how to homeschool with links, contacts, resources and more by homeschooler with 19 years experience Beverley Paine

Going Rural

Take a little bite, Mac Adventures!!!
Why I made the switch to Macs and why I'm loving it! All the trials and tribulations - is it worth it? Find out why!

Natty Moments
General blog about a day in the life of the Leaver family.

Belinda's Notes
A blog where I share my journey as we turn homeschooling into an opportunity to disciple our children.

An Extra Ordinary Life

Purple Flower Patch In Oz
Blogging the joys, triumphs, laughter and trials of the homeschooling life.

Bruggie Tales
Bruggie Tales are the adventures of a homeschooling family of eight including our couple of years in Suuthern USA and back home again.

Everything We Need
A place to share thoughts and wondecommunitys about education and life and to keep in touch with friends. 2 Peter 1: 1-11

Jocelyn's blog
We are learning and living in Canberra. We love being at home together and being able to tie all of our learning to what God wants for our lives.

A blog about my development of a Australian History resource. A set of timeline figures for families to colour and read for learning about Australian history with links to my website and a discussion ...

Aussie Coffee Shop
About Therese, Steve and their 7 children. In 2008 I am planning on homeschooling our two youngest school aged children.

The Wright Way Life Academy
My husband, John, and I have been home educating our three boys (9, 7 & 3) since their birth, using a combination of Charlotte Mason's philosophy of education and natural, child lead, learning styles. ...

Seven Little Australians
Australian Catholic Homeschooling family's journey of living and learning.

Me and my house
Family of 5 children homeschooling in sunny Queensland using ACE with ACA.

Margy's Place
I'm a Christian Homeschool mum and this blog is about myself, my family, my life and my views.....

Little By Little
Our Homeschooling Journey in outer western Sydney, Australia

Blog of a crafty, artsy, homeschooling mum. Shacommunity thoughts on homeschooling, art and life in general.

warm love
We are living a creative and grace filled life amidst the craziness of home educating our four awesome children.

beyond the black stump
Welcome to my Blog Some things I enjoy...frugal living, home schooling, philosophy, history, reading, art, music, poetry, micro biology and astronomy

Homeschool Australia
The musings of 'retired' home educator, mother of three grown homeschoolers, Beverley Paine on all aspects of learning at home.

With Hands and Hearts Full
I am a homeschooling Mummy to 5 gorgeous children, and wife to my wonderful Husband. Our 4th child was born gently at home, with a Nevus (birthmark) on part of his face and scalp. We have learnt so much ...

Fly in Freedom
Homeschooling one child, two more still at school. Leaning towards a Charlotte Mason-style curriculum.

I'm a home schooling Mum to two wonderful blessings from God, wife to a wonderful, cacommunity and gentle husband of twenty-two years, and I'm passionate about my belief that God created the earth and ...