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This a community for people who classify as "scientist" by trade, but "fiber artist" by hobby . You might work in a lab, be a teacher, or be a student majocommunity in science. Biology, Chemistry, physics, geology, any natural or social science. Also any fiberly pursuits: knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, etc.

My Alternate Thesis
I'm a wildlife ecology master's student, soon-to-be 9th grade biology teacher, and adventurous knitter.

Stream of Consciousness
The knitting adventures of a chemist and textbook editor.

BabblingB's Knit Blog
I have my PhD in pathobiolgy and I am currently a post-doc. I have been knitting for 10+ years.

The Keyboard Biologist Knits
The knitting adventures of a 30-something bioinformatician living in the Chicago's Ukranian Village.

Critters and Spectacles
I'm a conservation biologist working for an NGO in the Washington, DC area. I'm a knitter and a marathoner (but not at the same time).

Nik's Knits
The Exciting Adventures of a Super-Knittin' Scientist.

Needles & Hooks
Stuff I do with my hands

pretty kitty knitty whatever
i'm a 4th year PhD student in molecular and cell biology and i love knitting and crafts.

an ent knits

I'm a chemistry grad student who stays balanced by knitting.

Everybody wants a rock...
... to wind a piece of stcommunity around. A lifelong geek picks up two sticks and some stcommunity - follow along as she figures out what can be accomplished with these simple materials.

chameleon knits
the adventures of a 20-something knitting chemist

Fcommunitye Effects
College Life, Knitting, Random Thoughts, Rants, Physics, Movie Reviews & More! Everything you've been searching for with a candy coated shell. Well....maybe not.

Maia Spins
I am a structural engineer by day. In my free time I create, mostly through spinning and knitting. I blog about my creations, my dogs, and post a few recipes.

Sunset Cat
mewsings on knitting, scuba diving, and whatever else strikes my fancy

Knit vs. Crochet
The misadventures of a yarn-obsessed time-crunched med student.

Occassional musings and updates from a neuroscience grad student who'd rather be crafting.

One Crafty Snargle
Ecologist/organismal marine biologist now doing lots of policy stuff in the DC area... but I still get to do a little "real" science every now and then

Gee, You Knit?
A middle school Science teacher writes of her trials in the classroom while trying to find time to knit.

Handspun yarns, hand woven scarves & shawls and hand knitted goodies. Season-responsive hand dyed & novelty yarns. Images of fiber related travels & adventures.

my excuse to talk about knitting, cats, and life in general. I am a knitter, "retired" geologist, mother to a physicist, wife to an organic chemist, and am "owned" by 2 Siamese cats.

Can I do my PhD in knitting instead of cognitive psychology?

Merino Girl
Blog site with pictures of my knitting experiments by night. (As opposed to the science experiments by day.)

I\'m working on my PhD in computer science, and I crochet to stay awake in talks. However, the crochet is spilling over into other aspects of my life, and I\'m now relearning how to knit as well.

Dyed in the Wool
A British science student with more knitting projects than sense.