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The Science humor community is a community dedicated to humor about science or scientists. This includes all kind of sciences, physical or social. In this community you can find out, what ancient language gave rise to the chemical nomenclature, what little girl professor Wiener asked where he lived, what happens if you eat Cesium, subversive uses of molecular model sets, why you should NOT allow your children to study chemistry, the real reason the chicken crossed the road, w hy 10 dimensions seem so cramped, inside radiology secrets, that polymer dispersities

Science Jokes
For anyone to put any joke about any science{;}(Mailing list with archive)

Science Cartoons By Chase
A collection of cartoons about various sciences. Many of them have been previously published in science journals.

Jakes Jokes (Science category)
Science jokes category of Jakes Jokes, the largest joke website in the world.

Free Radical----- A Political Movement
This site is biology, medical, chemistry and various off-beat science related humor. It's also got some practical stuff like 3-D images of the amino acids with the information scientific about them. : ...

Eric Schulman's Science Humor
The science humor articles of Dr. Eric Schulman. Eric is the author of A Briefer History of Time (based on his History of the Universe in 200 Words or Less) and is on the editorial board of the Annals ...

Anil Aggrawal's Page of Forensic Jokes, puns and Tidbits
Contains jokes related to forensic sciences

Musical Chemistry
Come and sing along with copper complexes, nucleic acids and electrochemical cells...go on, you know you want to!!

Physics songs by Walter Smith and others, and a categorized link list of all physics songs.

Dolly's Cloning Emporium
Cloning humor and satire. Dolly is the first cloned sheep, and this is her Emporium. Cloning FAQ, Wildlife Cloning, History of Cloning, BioTech Disasters, Cat Cloning, Eggs for Auction and more.

Reptile Dysfunction
An embarrassing condition that affects iguanas

Skytopia : Super-Impossible maths
"Mr know-it-all" has carefully planned this page - dedicated to bcommunitying you the world's 'hardest' math/logic questions.{;}The questions are such that even a ten year old could understand them, but ...

The First Internet Gallery of Statistics Jokes
The greatest collection of jokes about statistics and statisticians on the internet. The "oldies" but "goodies" are here along with many jokes that have never appeared in print before.

The World Space Joke Bank
A secure holding area for this galaxy's finest space jokes.

Science comedy
A collection of sketches about science by Eddie Izzard, Billy Conolley and Ali G plus a few of my own

OmniResearch, Inc.
OmniResearch, Inc. website features scientific and technological parodies and humor. The Journal of Omniresearch Online publishes original humorous reseach articles in a broad range of scientific topi ...

The Archives of Statistics Fun
A collection of fun things to do with statistics in the classroom. Includes probability experiments, anecdotes, demonstrations, and top-ten lists.

Larry the Labrat
Adventures and puns of Larry the Labrat and his friends.

science Jokes and Quotes
A collection of K-12 science jokes studded with science{;}links, pictures and stamps. The jokes are short, not complicated or abusive{;}and organized by topic. The purpose of this site is to present another{;}science ...

Haiku about Relativity
An epic haiku{;}About Einstein's Theory of{;}Relativity.

Yetnudder Sci/Tech Humor page
You know, there must be a study on how to make a good site description. And... (three googles later) I've found it! Rule number one says, "For god's sake, if your initials are DS and your content is BS, ...

Xray Humor
This page was built by a Radiologic Technologist. It is humor that medical-science minded people with a great LOVE of humor will find fun and enlightening!! ENJOY!!{;}

Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names
At this site, we'll show you some real molecules that have unusual, ridiculous, or downright silly names.

Le cote marrant
A page (in french) showing the fun side of the life in a laboratory as a researcher. There is a complete book on the question, with an "automatic" english translation - probably very bad.

The SDS-Page
This site features "Far Side"-style cartoons about biology, especially genetics and immunology. There are also a few biology parody songs.

Why Is The Sky Blue
Funny science site of misinformation.