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Sassy Ladies losing tons of weight through weight loss surgery. More Sass. Less Ass.

Knitten Kittens
A little blog about my life which now includes geacommunity up for gastric bypass surgery

tracys journey into the LapBanded land of low carbing and Maintaining loss.

Losing Fat-Gaining Life
Four women who have had or are going to have RNY surgery decided to team up and create a blog to help others get a few questions answered, or for them to learn from our experiences. A purely WLS site ...

Candy-O's Sweet Escape
My personal blog about my life and pursuit of happiness, including my lap-band journey.

She's A Rebel, She's A Saint
Another blog about another woman who decided to have gastric bypass, lose half her body weight, and see what life is like for normal sized people.

Rants and Ramblings
My blog about life and the journey of WLS

Adjusting to life with rearranged insides, due to gastric bypass surgery.

Ramblings of a Nut Job
Frankly, I write about anything and everything that catches my fancy. I'm a 34 year old bi-sexual, bi-polar, secretly geeky, married woman that has had WLS. Yup, that about covers it.

Living a LapBand Life!
35 years old, sick of being fat! Married to a wonderful man of almost 7 years in 2007. 5 Cats and a beautiful house, who can ask for more? Surgery date 3/26/07. Starting weight 258.5 Goal weight 140 ...

New Day
The Web's Number One Source for News About Me.

Hot Fat 4 Sale
Expanding the mind and shrinking the body after weight loss surgery.

The Weight is almost over
I have had my surgery in November2006...frequently struggling with the head not keeping up with body and searching out those like me out dealing with the same things I do....

A Little Squeeze
I'm a 30-something, 5'11" woman, using the Lap-Band as the Little Squeeze I need to escape Morbid Obesity. I was banded on 4/30/07, by Dr. Michaelson of NWWLS.

The Further Adventures of Deluzy
Musings on reading, writing, books, university life, and life in general after losing 120 pounds through weight-loss surgery.

Inside Out
A journalist who has lost close to 200 pounds since 2005 with the help of gastric-bypass surgery chronicles her experiences with losing weight, and the lifestyle changes WLS requires with a few unrelated ...

Fat girl Shrinking
Sociology Graduate Student and her personal journey through a Vertical Sleeve Gastectomy. A Healthy dose of full disclosure, social commentary, and probably lots of other things.

Working On Freedom
I am a 28 yr old mom of 3, wife to DJ for the last 7 yrs. and I just had gastric bypass (RNY) on 04/16/07. This blog is to follow my journey as I obtain freedom from obesity.

Becoming the Pin-up Girl
I'm on a journey from obesity to health.. and I'm hoping to reveal my inner Pin-Up Girl along the way.

Skinnier and Saner. Mostly.
Commentary on my life after WLS, living with bipolar disorder, and whatever else I can think to comment on ;)

through thick n thin
My Own personal Journey Through Weight Loss Surgery. The before, the ducommunity and the after. The ups and downs. The Highs and Lows. Through Thick 'n Thin.

Diary of a Shrinking Mama
I am a 38 year young (I don't like to use that word "old") mom to three beautiful children and married to an amazing person! The Diary of a Shrinking Mama is about my journey to find my missing body. ...

Ventucommunity to ONEderland

Journey to a Healthier Me
A snapshot of my journey to better health through weight loss surgery.

Lovin' Life with Lea
The ramblings and recipes of a forty something woman who's had RNY gastric bypass surgery and lost over 200 pounds.

Sharon's So-Called Life
My journey via the DS.