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Supporting the right to self-defense..

Gunthorp firearms reloading training tactics
Articles, pictures, and information on firearm history, safety, ammo, defensive use, firearm tactics, laws, and links to help you become more proficient, a gunsmith, dealer, trainer condensing years of ...

Kens Gun page
Personal homepage that includes information on guns, reloading, farm life, horses, political information.

Welcome to The Spirit Of 76.com
The Spirit Of 76.com website is a collection of Freedom minded people, promoting free trade. We strongly support ALL parts of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, ESPECIALLY the Second Amendment!

Mark Valenti's Liberty Page
Personal site containing libertarian links, quotes, and references. Also contains information on the founding documents of the United States, the free market, and individualism.

RKBA Challenge
Motivation & support material to fight Gun Control by changing American Culture from ground up. The only permanent way to win the war with the "anti's".{;}

UZI 9mm Model B Information and Accessories
We provide information pertaining to the IMI UZI Model B 9mm. This includes a downloadable manual, cleacommunity and care directions, as well as links of interest.

Freedom: Constitutional & Bill of Rights Issues
A political site mostly about second amendment issues, constitution issues, bill of rights issues. Also pages on POW/MIA's, music, wavs, downloads, september 11 2001, art, the US's relationship with the ...

Women Armed for Defense
A site to help women to see the need to protect themselves,need be, and to feel comfortable defending themselves, be prepared, and to feel comfortable handling & owning a gun for the purpose of self-d ...

Circuit Rider's Gun Cabinet
Circuit Rider's Gun Cabinet is a site that advocates the individual citizen's right to keep and bear firearms. It also exposes the hypocrisy of those who have an agenda to ban firearms and who attempt ...

RB's Treasures
RB's Treasures - New and used Firearms 47 Manufacturors firearms cleaning and Maintenance RB-17, Kleen Bore, KG Industries

The Armory
Friendly, full-service, local gunshop on the internet. One-stop shopping for all your shooting needs.

Manufacturer of institutional quality target stands.

Cyberspace Campfire where we hang out with our friends and talk about firearms, shooting, hunting, reloading, politics and nearly anything imaginable.