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Battle of the political blogs with an edge, conservatives versus liberals. You never know if the next site is right or left wing. Be ready to debate and back up your convictions!

south paw majority
A political blog comming from the frontlines of Ohio. It's left wing ramblings with a centrist spin

Truth—The No Spin Politically Incorrect Zone
Conservative political blog with an edge. Dedicated to truth, whether politically correct or not, right wing or left wing.

Ezekiel Unfolds
Just an honest look at what we are experiencing in the headlines through the eyes of a humble interpreter.

Politik Ditto
Thoughtful analysis and opinions on today's political climate with a conservative spin.

My take on the world and everything in it. Social, political and cultural commentary.

Huckabee Truth
Dedicated to the opinionated truth about Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Liberal Tendencies
A place to share and discuss links to current events and charitable opportunities. Yes, the author of this blog does lean liberal but that does not mean this blog is only about politics and it does not ...

It's an Insane World
A humorous yet informative Blog that embraces the traditional values of Free debate covecommunity topics such as Religion, politics, abortion, and many others.

The Stonecipher Report
A Refreshingly Unique Take on Politics, Sports and Some Other Stuff.

The Proletariat Review

A progressive blog about current events and politics, with occasional commentaries and essays by the author.

rjjrdq's America
The good, the bad, and the absolutely absurd...

Spotted Owl News
A satirical look at the news through the eyes of a conservative endangered species.

A blog dedicated to analyzing politics and other happenings around the world.

Kemstone's Online Journal
When I began a career teaching English in foreign countries, I started a blog as a way for my friends to keep up with me. I began to add the occasional political or philosophical post, and eventually ...