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The Guild of Renaissance Performers{;}is THE community for anyone (or any group) who performs at{;}Renaissance or Medieval Faires, SCA events, or other living history{;}re-enactments.

Lise Winne
Lise Winne and the Spirites Consort perform majestic Renaissance songs with angelic vocals, violin, double bass, guitars, world percussion, recorders and an occassional hammered dulcimer from award winning ...

The Scurvvy Dawgs
A pirate comedy troupe from Wisconsin, USA. We pillage and plunder our way into a port near you. Arghhhhhhhh Matey

Ordre du Saint-Esprit
Ordre du Saint-Esprit is a Renaissance Super Site and Portal built around the French Renaissance Chivalry Order. Renaissance research which covers Cooking, Costuming, History, Money as well as Renaissance ...

Minstrosity - Folk, Renaissance, and Medieval Music
Minstrosity is a trio based out of Chicago, Illinois. This site shows who we are, a list of upcoming gigs, and our recordings.

The Rogue Of Dundee
This is a personal Ren Site promoting Renaissance Character and a CD I put together preserving some of the greatest Ballads of the British Isles including some original Ren Style Ballads. Child Ballads, ...

Pastimes Music
Pastimes Music - {;}Musicke for Sundrie Occasions{;}Performed in Costume on Period Instruments

Garbanzo Juggling Entertainment
Paolo Garbanzo, juggler and fire eater.

Brobdingnagian Bards - Dozens of Free Faire MP3s
The Original Celtic Renaissance give away Free Celtic Music CDs & MP3s, Irish and Scottish music, lyrics, sheet music, eBooks, & Celtic music reviews. Win Free Celtic CDs. The Brobdingnagian Bards are ...

William D. Hunter Magic Co. Renaissance and Medieval Magic
This site features the magic of William D. Hunter, Will the Wizard. Will has many seasons of experienence performing for Faires around the known lands. He now offers his experience to any venue. Renaissance ...

Mandalyn's Page
my personal homepage, which includes some photos of my work at scarborough and trf

Fiddler's Fancy Homepage
Eclectic electric & acoustic violinist Cat Taylor and Fiddler's Fancy: Celtic music, Celtic Rock, various European. Performance & recording include Irish step-dance show Shanachie, the Challenge of the ...

Pyromorph/ Pele the Fire Gypsy
Fire Eaters are a dime a dozen, so we are told. Pele does it with Flare. From fire dancing to traditional eating and breathing, this site displays Pele's many talents proving that her shows will keep any ...

The Great Scot, Bardic Magician
This is the site for The Great Scot, Bardic Magician available for entertaining at festivals, parties, renaissance faires, and educational institutions.

Castle Wall Productions
Official website of Castle Wall Productions, a combat troupe based in Denver, Colorado. We are always looking for more members, so if interested, drop by and visit us!

Greyhounds of Fairhaven
Greyhounds of Fairhaven is a group of greyhound lovers and their hounds who promote the adoption of retired racing greyhounds through public relations events and fundraisers, both on our own and in conjunction ...

Knight Tyme Productions
Website for veteran Faire Jouster/Performer Lloyd Clark and his wife Lisa. This site promotes their independent entertainment business, Knyght Tyme Productions

Ye Sword and Stone
The Sword in the Stone Troupe travel from village to village seeking those who are worthy to be named rightful Monarch. Learn how they came together and where their search will take them next.

The Guild of Renaissance Performers
This is the home page for The Guild of Renaissance Performers. Come here to join!

Merlin the Magician
Home page of Bill Palmer, Merlin the Magician from the Texas Renaissance Festival, Scarborough Faire and many other period theme shows.

The Blade Society
We are a fencing club and historical re-enactment group located in Portland, Maine that specializes in the Renaissance and Medieval sword play.

Brobdingnagian Bards
The Brobdingnagian Bards (pronounced brAHb'ding-näg-EE-en) are The Original Celtic Renaissance duo combining unique instrumentation (autoharp, recorder & mandolin) that'll leave you hungry for more: Celtic ...

GutterPups - 16th century rock troubadours
Imagine what a rock band would sound like back in the 16th century. GutterPups performs at Renaissance Festivals in the Michigan/Ohio/Illinois area, come have a beer with us at the pub and join us in ...

The Ladies of the Salty Kiss
Cyber Home Port for "The Ladies of the Salty Kiss" - an all female privateer crew who performs improv and staged comedy at Renaissance Faires across the mid-west.

The Ministry Of Petty Offenses
The Ministry is an interactive street and stage performance troupe available for Renaissance, Elizabethan or Pirate themed events

Whirly Jig
Whirly Jig - Folk Music with a New Spin