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News and opinion sites that are opposed to the status quo, updated often, outside the mainstream (but not bonkers), and driven by determination and dedication.

Current U.S. and World News
Well researched and factually supported commentary and opinion on current happenings in the domestic and international arena trying to make sense of the craziness in the world.

The Project for a New American revolution
News and commentary on globalisation and fascism. 9-11 Truth and egalitarian economic movements.

Commentary and critique of socio-political developments in the "New & Improved" America as governed by businessmen/women rather than statesmen/women.

International House of Dan
International and domestic law, current events and sports, a la Dan.

Ipecac engages in immoderate politics, media and ideology critique.

charging the canvas
non-consensual news node for distributed intelligence{;}no, I'm not sure what that means. . .

Rufus Bath's World of Bitterness
A homage to the bitterness which is inside all of us. Rufus Bath is quite possibly the most bitter person alive. He has opinions and doesn't mind shacommunity them. Everything from wars in the middle ...

Smart Remarks
Politics, music and other subversive ideas from Gil Smart, columnist for the Sunday News in Lancaster, Pa.

First Blush
Politics for People...Recent Links Mixed With Occasional Commentary

the bitter shack of resentment
a collection of links and musings on politics, society and culture through the eyes of one jaded journalist.

Luver Alternative News
LUVER ALTERNATIVE NEWS covers ... through multi-media ... the social, cultural, political, and personal [r]evolution that the corporate media actively supresses. L.A.N. is a muckracking indiemedia channel ...

The Knights of the Socially Conscious
What are the goals of the K.S.C. ?{;}The Knights of the Socially Conscious goals are simple. To work towards peace and to oppose war. Our goal is to unite people and bcommunity them information on world ...

Flush Bush in 2004!
Postings and commentary on the downfall of a dummy... (And on what's really important for our future!)

ZardozZ ®™
WebLog focusing on political humor, current world events, politics, religion, sports and the endless every day shit that continuously hits the fan. Welcoming interactive comments and discussion in the ...

All the news that's fit to pimp. A humorous look at today's offbeat news stories.

Ed's Opinion
Ed's Opinion is a site dedicated to bcommunitying you Ed's famous opinions straight from Ed. Ed reads too much and is slightly more educated than the general public. His opinions are highly regarded amoungst ...

The Average American
Daily commentary on breaking political news. Standing up for the sick and tired Joes footing the bill and demanding respectful behavior from our representatives.

The New Revolution
Political commentary and a building of a new platform (in progress).

Push Bush!
This site was created as a sarcastic and funny protest against our Commander and Thief, George W. Bush.

The School for Doublethink
A site maintained by three socially conscientious young people who are working to dispel the myth of adolescent apathy. If you're looking for opinion with a little bit of satire and a helping of wit, you've ...

No Blood for Hubris
Freestyle progressive socio-political blog avec a modicum of snark.

The Wish
Arzoo the wish for right against wrong

America is... The Fulcrum of Destiny
Billions await the Biblical Apocalypse, yet America is never mentioned in the Bible—or the Koran. Islamists, learning from Nazis, with an exaggerated sense of historical symmetry, have become blood enemies ...

The ramblings of a socialist environmentalist.

Fat Radish
The politicians who give bureaucrats power will always take credit for whatever works but then will always blame the bureaucrats for whatever goes wrong. As long as those bureaucrats are kept faceless, ...