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Appalachian Sites is a community devoted to promoting websites that deal with Appalachian issues as their primary mission. Appalachian Sites is not an appropriate community for adult or commercial interests.

Pocahontas County Fare
Get to know Pocahontas County, West Virginia: Collect some empirical data, read a few books, organize the field notes. Repeat as necessary. Also, some notes on spinning, knitting, literature, Old-Time ...

Hillbilly Savants
This blog is about our Appalachia - the real one, not the Hollywood-stereotype nor the third-world nation-esque stereotype being sold by do-gooders, or even the neo-Romantic sylvan stereotype that Rousseau ...

Tri--State Mac
A portal site for those of the Appalachian--Huntington, WV area to support those using the Macintosh computer platform, hardware, software ap's, with their efforts in writing & publishing, photography, ...

Appalachian Sites Homepage
Homepage for the Appalachian Sites Community

The purpose of this site is act as an advocate for the people of Appalachia. The site focuses on stopping the negative images of Appalachia commonly found in the media. The central commentary discusses ...

Mouth of the Holler
My site is a blog where I post essays, sometimes photos, about Appalachian life now and in the past. I'll be posting book reviews mostly on books about Appalachia, both fiction and nonfiction.

the Contrary Goddess
Life on the Farm

Appalachian Greens
Because Appalachian pride isn't limited to the right-wing! Join us for a discussion about what it means to be Appalachian and what it means to be Green and damn proud of your heritage.

Appalachian Patria
I\'m a man that see\'s people being out of touch with any thing but their own. I\'m here to tell you about my life as a Proffesional Citizen Soldier and my Appalachian Roots.

Blue Ridge Gazette Blog
The Blue Ridge Mountains, from Maine to Georgia, is a culturally diverse region filled with a colorful history and rich with natural beauty and people of extreme artistic qualities. Here at The Blue Ridge ...

Montani Publishing
Publishers of Appalachian memoirs mid-20th century. We appreciate an honest life well lived. Here at Montani Publishing you won't find any books on celebrity affairs or designer drugs. There's a heck ...

Smokey Mountain Breakdown
The ongoing story of one woman, four dogs, 20 acres and a herd of goats.

Shuckand Jive
A Presbyterian minister blogs about spirituality, culture, religion (both organized and disorganized), life, evolution, literature, Jesus and lightening up. John Shuck is the pastor of the First Presbyterian ...

Granny Sue's News and Reviews
Storytelling, writing, life and all that intervenes

Appalachian Treks
A look at the beauty to be discovered explocommunity the mountains of northeast Tennessee and western North Carolina.

Learning Resources Center Staff News
This blog highlights the accomplishments of the staff who work in the Learning Resources Centers at Southern State Community College, located in southern Ohio.

Orlando Stone Soup
In the heart of the Appalachian hills, at the edge of the Little Kanawha River Basin, is Oil Creek and its tributaries. At the confluence of Clover Fork & Oil Creek the railroad town of Orlando developed ...

Appalachian Writers
This journal gives exposure to some of Appalachia’s finest new writers. Of particular interest are pieces relating to the land, its people and their culture, but will not be limited to rural writings. ...

Kentucky Farmer
The purpose of this journal is to give exposure to some of Kentucky’s finest writers, particularily those with ties to the land and the mountains. Although content will not be limited to just rural wr ...

Dark Chocolate, Red Wine
Dark Chocolate, Red Wine is an online journal.

Blind Pig & The Acorn
Celebrating my Appalachian Heritage. Blogging about my artwork, my families music, and my love for all things old-time or vintage.

The Grafton 123 House of Coffee
The aches, pains and delights of establishing a modern Coffee House in downtown Grafton, WV.

MK Stover
Appalachian writer's blog: updates, publications, ideas, parenting, rambling...

Taylor County, West Virginia
History, links, facts, tidbits, trivia, folklore, current events, daytripping, and fascinating miscellanea about Taylor County, West Virginia.

A working horse and sheep farm of an eighth generation Appalachian American shepherd, practicing Christian, fiber and textile artist.