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For devotees of Dark Goddesses....sites do not need to have information on these Goddesses if run by a Pagan of such leanings. Sites about Dark Goddesses, are of course welcome as well. While the name is inspired by a particular Irish Battle Goddess...all cultures and all types of Dark Goddess paths are welcome.

Raven's Wing Community
The home page for this community: if you have a page dedicated to or about (a) Dark Goddess(es) please consider joining us

Desiree's Musings
A Sanctuary for Mystical Bohemians:featucommunity essays on Wiccan spirituality and religion, dark faery, animal totems, as well as poetry, quotes, and original artwork.

The Morrigan's Blessing
Estara Korai's personal site, mostly witchy stuff. Pages on the Morrigan and Morgan le Fay, lessons in ritual Sindarin, a few spells and invocations, and other miscellaneous nonsense. Includes links ...

Dùn Sgàthan
Personal site of Kym ní Dhoireann, a devotee of the Morrígan,CRP warrior, and Greyhound pack leader. Essays the Picts, Pagan freaks, canines on one Pagan's path and their association with some Dark Goddesses, ...

the death croness
Pagan comic strip, as seen in Green Egg, The Beltane Papers, and Harvest magazines. Satire of a Dianic coven, and the Pagan community in general. Animated crones and Goddesses. "enter the darkness..." ...

Goddess of the 8th House
Dedicated to the Goddess, her milieu and aspects, in ancient and contemporary tradition; Voodoo, the Celts, Santeria, the Saints, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the crone, and more.

Spiraldance and Joker's Road Tales
{;}Come and take the path to the godess and her many ways of being to all women

Multi-faceted personal site containing book reviews, weblogs, acts of personal piracy and more.

Raven Queen's Domain
My site is an amalgamation of my interests, most notable books, and reading. Also the Italian Renaissance, Arthurian art and romances, and other faefolk; there's even a small section here dedicated the ...

Forgotten Clothing
We are Australian designers offecommunity essential as well as original creations to enhance your wardrobe - discounts for Australian buyers!

Reverend Gwynarion Elessacar invites you to join him in investigating the ancient and modern spiritual paths of paganism, pantheism, and the way of the warrior.

The Wolf Bain Coven
This site is maintined with information on a Louisiana Based Coven. Open for new members.

Roleplaying and cyberpets.
It is a mix of roleplaying, cyberpets, and my worship of the Godesses. ( I may want to put the code on more than one page as I have two sites that connect but will tell you if I do the other URL(s). I ...

Lilone's Legacy
Helpful information for the Eclectic witch. Included are herb & color charts, spells, rituals, and so much more. I have also included info on tools and holidays. Please check out my homepage. There you ...

The Ranting Witches
We are an anonymous group of Wiccans each with a minimum of 10 years in Wicca. We've seen the direction the religion seems to be going on the net and we think it sucks. We've come together at this spot ...

The Wordsmith's Cauldron
Enbibe in weekly column for Pagans on issues in the community, government, and society, as well as spell tips and astrological info. Nonfiction articles on a variety of topics, poetry, awards to win, a ...

Grainne's Celtic Pagan Resources
Celtic Pagan resources and the home of the Witches of the WebCommunity ~ All are most welcome here....

Morrígan Net
Virtual home of Danielle Ní Dhighe.

Chriswyn's Fantasyland
This site is FULL of fanasty art. Page after pages of Fairies, Dragons, Angels and much much more. This page also has about 20 pages full of Cartoon Dolls. So come in and see for yourself. Enjoy!

Paganeo Net
Portal pagano para Latinoamérica. El mismo es un portal sin fines de lucro. Su único objetivo es el de educar y llevar un mensaje positivo de nuestro camino Espiritual. Aquí podrás encontrar información ...

The Earth, The Forge, The Hearth, The Land.
Information about a tradition of French witchcraft, and all it entails.

The Corvid Diaries
The life and times of a Goddessian Harpy

Lilith's Grove
Huge selection of New Age and Wiccan Supplies,CD's Ebooks, and Posters. Please visit our forum and blog

Dark Moon Circle online coven website
This is the webpage for Dark Moon Circle a online ecclectic celtic flavored coven dedicated to the Morrighan and the Dark Goddesses. Infor aboput the coven is there. It is a women only and I do ask 18 ...

Dark Moon Circle blogsite
Wiitchcraft Goddesses, Magick information Online coven Dark Goddess information Celtic myth and folklore information.Information on my Matron Goddess the Morrighan links below and much more... Dark ...