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An old fashioned quilting bee for exchanging friendship quilt blocks and making new friends!

Quilting Bee Quilt Community
The home page to Quilting Bee Community

Vanilla Orchids Cyber Quilts
I have a site with my cyber quilts.

Lazs Realm Of Quilting
Featucommunity Specialty Quilts For Minnesota, Advertising/TV Slogans, Windel/Winnie, Quilting Quotes, Smurfs, Gemini's, Humor and more... All use a template. Lots more info about free squares, free tubes, ...

Cindy's Home
I have a lot of different quilts on my site.

Above Rubes
Poetry, New Zealand, My Causes, Memberships, Cyber Quilts, Recipes, Graphic Background Sets etc.

Family and Friends
Here you will find out a little about me, my family, friends and pets. See my growing quilt collection, swap squares, read a little poetry and more..........

Angel's Quilting Corner
Lots of quilts; friendship, kitty, holiday, purple flowers, and more! Four pages of squares to choose from! Hope to see you soon!

~~~~~*Country Delights*~~~~~
Delightful mousemade Graphics for all your needs - linkware and purchaseware, for webdecoration and printing. Country Delights Tutorials - learn how to create your own mousemade graphics, PHP, Wordpress ...

Angie's Page
Personal web-site about me and the things that I love :)

Homepage van Letty
Welcome to my homepage, where you will find a friendship quilt, stationery, wallpapers, backgrounds and more!

My site offers 'cat' quilt squares for you to download free for your websites or anything else you'd like! My site also has a ton of cat info for all the cat lovers out there!

The DIY Girl
I'm a DIY girl shacommunity tips, tricks and deals related to all types of crafting: quilting, handmade purses, wall hangings...it's all a wonderful thing!

CountryMouse's House of Quilts
Various cyberquilts I have made (and gift quilts to me also) plus some squares for you. Enjoy!