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Queer Knitting and Crochet websites and blogs.

You Cheeky Article!
a blog about knitting and a few other bits to keep things interesting

Witty Knitter
What I do, what I think and what I knit

Site about knitting, baking, and other general crafty-ness

A blog to serve the needs of the infertile lesbian fiber arts breastfeeding parents of twins community, particularly those who are left-leaning democrats employed in research and education. Don\'t all ...

My adventures in knitting, tatting
My works in progress ; it can be knitting, tatting, crochet etc...

Knitting with KB
Blog devoted to my knitting endeavors with infrequent OT posts.

Knit Spiral

Strung Out
The incoherent musings of a first year law student desperately trying to make time to knit and spin.

Noreen`s Knit*che
Knitting, Crocheting, Spinning, Tatting, BobbinLace and Designing are my NICHE in life. Pflag. Pflag MOM, Allied!

kith and kin
Knitting and ranting in Vermont.

The Decorator Crab
A site dedicated to the crafty side of life. Mostly knitting, some quilting, and occassionally a rant about politics or pop culture. But, like I said, mostly knitting.

Cat's Crafty Corner
A German born Yankee living under Carolina Blue and loving it.

KNita KNittin
A knovice knitter knuts for knots

Jo Knits!
Ramblings of a new knitting mom! :)

GLBT-Knit List Website
Website of the gay, lesbian, bi and trans knitters email list.

When Knitting Was a Manly Art
The ramblings of a Male Knitter

crafty bitch
Adventures in knitting and other handy things.

Alternative Knitting
{;}Discussion and commentary about the art of knitting featucommunity weblog, techniques, journals, knitting gossip, fibres and yarns and even some finished objects.

A little bit of everything.

Lots of knitting, plus cooking and comments about life and love in Philly.

knitter and quilter shares her passion for both while looking at her life in New Hampshire

HK Knitter
journal from a Hong Kong knitter...

Chelsea's Photojournal
I try to write something everyday, I try to be at least mildly amusing, and I try to keep an even balance between knitting and other stuff, so no one gets bored.

Fibre Alive
A record of my knitting exploits and adventures, along with the other events in my life.

last one skeining
A blog about knitting and movies and sometimes politics. But mostly knitting. I'm still learning, as are we all.