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Purebred dog breeders/exhibitors. A community{;}for those interested in learning, shacommunity knowledge through experience and mentocommunity those willing to learn. {;}{;}This community is for members of the PUREBRED CANINE 'LIST' ONLY. If you are not on the list, please do not try to join this community. If you would like to join the PBC breeder/show list, send an e-mail to [email protected] After you are on the list, you will be able to join this community. {;}{;}There is the Purebred Canine II community which everyone is welcome to join and you don't have to be on the PBC list. You can join here and the community is right below this one. {;} http://www.communitysurf.com/community?community=jrogan;action=info;b={;}

GoldDust Yorkies
Breeder and exhibitor. Small prestigious/up scale Yorkshire Terrier {;}{;}kennel. I have been a Yorkshire Terrier breeder for 15 years and can offer you {;}{;}puppies of superior show quality, or just ...

Breeder Referral by invitaion only.Help on how to buy puppy/dog. Haircuts for Yorkies, wrapping, topknot,helping with ears to stand. Ask ANGELJULIE, helping others. Angels,words of wisdom, emergancy homecare,Standard,pedigrees,and ...

Greylock's Yorkshire Terriers
The Yorkies in my life

Survival Yorkshire Terriers
Yorkshire Terriers from Holland

Rhapsody Yorkshire Terriers

Pe-Kae Shih Tzu
Pictures and information about our Shih Tzu.

Mijules Shih Tzu
Owners/Handlers/Breeders: pet pups available on a limited basis to approved homes, all "pet" pups must be spayed/neutered. Visit our site to see these wonderful little dogs!

Breeders of All Breeds German Shepherds for family companions and show

Silkyence Silky's and Cresteds
Silkyence. Silky's and Cresteds of quality.

Mystic's Yorkshire Terriers
My homepage.

Quikdraw Yorkshire Terriers
My home page

BlueBlaze Yorkshire Terriers
The BlueBlaze Yorkies.

Groveshire Yorkies
We are Groveshire Yorkies and we are located in Newfoundland, Canada. Our site contains pictures and information about our yorkshire terriers.

Jon-An's Yorkshire Terriers
Lots of articles on Yorkies. Coat care, puppy care, whelping a litter and much more.

The Show Dogs of Rievaulx. Breeding for profection with the total dog in mind.

Jenter Yorkshire Terriers
Home of Clarkwyn's Jubilee Eagle, Finstal Royal Icing and many more.

Greyfeir Yorkshire Terriers
this site is to show my champions, to provoke and spark interest in this purebred breed, and to educate the public on the wonders of this little wonder.

Here at Northern-Lites our goals are to produce quality Yorkshire Terriers. We breed AKC standard. We are a small show home where yorkies are our life. We occasionally have adults and puppies for sale ...

Yorkanian's Reg.Yorkshire Terrier's
Quality Pets and Show Prospects.Canada

Tx2Stepn Yorkies
Yorkie pictures, information, and pedigrees. Some family rock-climbing.

Pastoraleman German Shepherds
German Shepherd Dogs on the Top End of Australia

Daisy's Doghouse
Daisy, my Yorkshire Terrier...so little there...so much to love!

Westfeldon Boxers
This a ramble on my experiences in dogdom and in particular Boxerdom in India. There are a few articles and picture galleries pertaining to Boxers in India.

MysticMists Yorkshire Terriers
A site about our dogs

HEKAN yorkshire terriers
Hekan yorkies and my family