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Sites offecommunity free original photoshop brushes for web & graphic designers

A growing collection of brushes for PS 6.

My very first set of brushes. Strange brushes for clamps like us.

Spikes' Chip
James Marsters/Spike fan site with quotes, information, interviews, artwork, images, his music and lots more. I have created over 10 sets of PS6 and PS7 Astronomical and Nature brushes.{;}

Original Photoshop 5.0 brushes by Linzee.

Brushes for your downloading pleasure. All made in Photoshop 7. Mostly swirly, happy brushes!

VOID brushes
A Photoshop brush archive with hundreds of quality custom brushes available free for download.

i . b r u s h
A growing collection of photoshop brushes. Images available for older and newer photoshop versions.

Spy-Glass.Net brushes collection.

Painted Pixels
Brushes for Photoshop CS and PSP 8

Invisible Ink
Brushes with an ancient art/civilizations theme.

Photoshop Brushes

It’s quiet remarkable how accessible graphic design has become for people. Whether it’s designing party invitations, promoting a show, or advertising for a garage sale – it is now easier than ever to create remarkably good looking work through the power of your computer. In previous times, a person would have to go to school to learn the tricks of the design trade. However, all that you need now is a good graphics program and an Internet connection and you will find all of the information that you need.

Adobe Photoshop series has become the de facto leader in the graphic design industry. While the software promotes its easy to use interface and novice friendly designs, some people find that Adobe Photoshop can be difficult to understand and use in an effective way. Here’s a secret that many top notch graphic designers won’t tell you – one of the best ways to make a great looking design with Adobe Photoshop is by using photoshop brushes.

Of course the term Photoshop Brushes might seem empty to many people. To help you out we will examine the popularity of these design tools, explain how you can use them, and will hopefully get you on the road to designing something remarkable!

Adobe Photoshop

Before we can even examine what photoshop brushes are, we will look at the program that you need to use this tool with – Adobe Photoshop. In terms of the graphics editing software market, there is only one software that you really need to know – adobe photoshop! The jewel of the Adobe software empire, photoshop is widely considered the industry standard for graphic design. It is available for both the Mac OS X platform and Microsoft Windows.

Initially released on October 1988, Adobe Photoshop has become one of the most trusted names in the software industry. Its latest edition, Adobe Photoshop CS3, was released on April 16, 2007 to massive fanfare. The key to adobe photoshop’s success has been its user friendly strategy. Changes have been made in the software program’s interface to make it easier for beginners to use and thrive in. Although graphic designers are able to find the shortcuts that can be used to create innovative, groundbreaking designers, adobe photoshop also allows novice users to create interesting designs in their own right.

One of the biggest reasons why Adobe Photoshop has risen to become the industry leader in the graphics market is its extra add-ons. It is easier than ever to find free comprehensive photoshop tutorials online. Additionally, Adobe Photoshop has allowed for creative software extras that can be used in conjunction with photoshop. One of these diverse tools that can be used to expand the photoshop experience are photoshop brushes.

What are photoshop brushes?

Whether you are an expert at Adobe Photoshop or are just fooling around on it as a beginner, every person has the same goal – to create an interesting design that you will like and can show your friends. One of the most effective ways to add some flourish to your photoshop designs is by using a wide array of brushes. Photoshop brushes are essentially tools that can be used in the brush palette of adobe photoshop. Each photoshop brush has a specific design or an effect that can liven up the most drab project. From grunge effects to techno swirls to a soft cloud effect to Polaroid framing styles, you can obtain all of these different looks with the right photoshop brush.

Ask any graphic designer about what tool they use the most in adobe photoshop and they will immediately tell you – brushes. With a bit of minor tweaking, you are able to create some incredible effects and the best part is that you can save them as a photoshop brush. Photoshop Brushes have been instrumental in the illustration of websites, wallpapers, and graphics in general. They are a fantastic tool for implanting your own style on a design. From retro text styles like a typewriter font to vintage wear and tear styles to futuristic fonts, you will be able to add the extra flourish that will make your designs stand out.

One of the biggest attractions of using photoshop brushes are that they allow designers to get over their problem of being unable to draw well. Photoshop brushes work by determining the shape of something that you paint when you are utilizing the paint brush tool in adobe photoshop. You are able to add some nice patterns with photoshop brushes for your design or you are able to add some extra touches to a more comprehensive photoshop brush. They are also great because they are so diverse. When you are adding some photoshop brushes to your design, you are able to set the color of the photoshop brush by picking the color of the paint that you want to use. When they are create with an interesting size and shape, photoshop brushes can be dynamic to use in creating a collage.

In addition to adding some extra cool to a design, photoshop brushes are excellent artistic tools. With photoshop brushes that have a mosaic effect or a soft cloud style, you will be able to add a bit of extra emotional depth to your style. We live in a visual world and people are bombarded with television and advertisements on a daily basis. It is more important than ever to create stylish designs that will get your message out there instantly. Find out more about how you can add this fantastic tool to your design arsenal.

Free Photoshop Brushes

As many users have demanded free Photoshop brushes, we have create this page to provide you with all of the information and resources that you need to become an expert on photoshop brushes. The nice thing about free photoshop brushes are they are generally created by designers that have their finger to the pulse of the latest hip urban styles. Whether they are going for a classic look like a Polaroid frame or for a retro typewriter font, these free photoshop brushes are easy to find.

By scouring the Internet for Downloaded Photoshop Brushes and free photoshop brushes, you will be able to find a treasure trove of really nifty photoshop brush designs. Once you have found the photoshop brushes that you particularly like, you will need to download them. It is important to note that these tools are usually not backward compatible. Therefore, it is important that you are sure that the photoshop brush set that you are downloading is the right one for you. To download photoshop brushes, you will have to enter the Edit – Preset Manager option in your version of Adobe Photoshop. Once you have selected this option, a dropdown menu will pop up. Out of all of these options, you will have to select the brushes option. After you have clicked on the brushes section, a pop up window will show up and you just have to click on the load section. After all of this work, you will find that your new photoshop brushes are all available to you in the brush palette section.

If you are really intent on being a diverse graphic designer, it is highly recommended that you have as many photoshop brushes at your disposal as possible. Considering how many free photoshop brushes are available on-line, it would be silly to not stall a wide array of photoshop brushes that can add those extra touches to your design. Whether you are trying to create a beautiful love letter to your crush or are creating a set of personalized business cards, you will find that you will soon become addicted to the diversity that photoshop brushes offer.

Photoshop Brushes Tutorials

While it may sound like Adobe Photoshop is extremely easy to use, it can still feel like learning a new language to new users. It is true that photoshop is actually quiet simple once you get the hang of it, but it really does help to have somebody show you the basics of adobe photoshop and photoshop brushes. Thankfully, there are tons of help available. Adobe Photoshop tutorials are widely available that will explain the proper way of utilizing special effects and adding elements to your photos. By the time that you go through these photoshop tutorials, you will be ready to add some extra diversity to your designs. This is exactly where the right adope photoshop brushes can come into play.

Photoshop brushes tutorials are also readily available that will examine the different ways that you can utilize these tools. These photoshop brushes tutorials can range from the very technical to the artistic. Whether you are seeking a photoshop tutorial that will explain the proper way of using a particular photoshop brush set or are looking for a good photoshop tutorial that will examine the different styles of layering that you can use with photoshop brushes, you will find that we are the home to a large number of free Adobe Photoshop resources that is easy to use.