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The Pro-life Community,{;} created on 2/21/97, links{;} sites together that promote{;} the pro-life viewpoint and{;} contain pro-life information{;} relating specifically to{;} abortion. This community is open{;} to any type of pro-life{;} site/anti-abortion site,{;} whether it be liberal,{;} conservative, religious,{;} progressive, etc. The community{;} has no political or religious{;} affiliation. *Note* - Sites{;} which promote *any* type{;} of violence of any sort will{;} not be accepted into this{;} community.

Ashley Designz
Grapics site and pixels site. Stop abortion Pro Life Supporter.

After the Choice
This is a site of healing for women and men who have had a part in making the choice to abort their little one. Quilt squares made by mothers and fathers in memory of their baby. Also orginal songs, memorial ...

ProLife Toolkit
Designed for pro-life advocates, this site provides "tools" to advance the pro-life argument, with multiple links to other Web resources.{;}

Fenton Family Ministries
A pro-family, pro-life website with the mission of ministecommunity to families.

My Domestic Church
The bloggings of a Catholic wife and homeschooling mother of six on issues and events that affect her family in their Domestic Church.

Rotherham Home page
My site is a family site inspired by my youngest son who was born with spina bifida and had his lesion repaired inutero before he was even born. He was number 56 to undergo this experimental procedure ...

Catholic and Prolife
My site is pro-life-100%.I have lot's of information on abortion,crisis pregnancy resources and a religious outlook on life and respect.{;}

Our Third Sin
The United States is a remarkable country. But our history is not without its share of disgrace, such as the ruthless displacement of Indians from their lands, and the enslavement of African-Americans. ...

Abortion is Slavery
This site exposes abortion for what it really is - a new form of slavery. Abortion IS slavery, for the woman considers the unborn infant her property, to do with the baby whatever she wants. The site includes ...

Pro-Life is Pro-Justice
A pro-life feminist's basic concern for justice.{;}

Abortion Mortality - Skeletons in the Pro-choice Closet
Women have been hurt, maimed and even killed by abortion practicioners.

The House of Atreus Web Site
Develops themes laid out in The House of Atreus: Abortion as a Human Rights Issue; resources on abortion, euthanasia, eugenics, human rights, etc.{;}

Patty's Pages
Pro-Life page with Samuel's Story , partial birth abortion story, linked to other pages on my website{;}

{;}Come rant, rave or simply cast your 2 into the pot of the web's best Political Forum. Hosted by Warlady and AtomicLibSmasher. For the latest breaking news, and world class retorts, come visit FreeConservatives ...

True Love
True Love exist! Friendship, marriage, Love and.. fashion show{;}

Hush little baby, don't say a word. Momma's gonna...
A simple statement...

Jacob's Den
Hi! My name is Jacob. I am 16, and I have Down Syndrome. Welcome to my Homepage! I like to play baseball, ride my bike, play Ninetendo, drive boats, and play with my six sisters and one brother. Most years ...

Patrick's Pro-Life Page
A little of the official teachings of the Catholic Church concerning abortion.{;}

Adoption or Abortion
This Site Contains Information & Links About Abortion, Adoption, Pro Life, and Pregnancy Help.{;}

Abortion - America's Final Solution
Life is more important than money, conceit, or vanity. Life, once started, is not solely a religious or political issue & developing and living beings should not be harvested for body parts & experimentation{;} ...

Graham's Homepage for Quotes
My quotatios site has over 5000 quotes aranged in over 500 topics, secular and religious{;}

The Q Files
My viewpoints on tough subjects, including abortion,religion,{;}AIDS,Evolution, Cursing and more

~Kay's Place A Site For All Season's~
This is my pro-life page of my site. It has poetry written by me for all children of the world. Stop in and, feel free to visit other areas of my site as well.{;}

Pro-Life Community Home Page
Home page of the Pro-life Community

The Truth About Abortion
A prolife page giving an historical analogy and calling abortion exactly what it is. Linked to http://oldworldrus.com{;}