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PLEASE GO TO http://playitloud.baptism-of-blood.net TO JOIN! RINGSURF CHANGED THEIR CODING AND NOW THEY SUCK. SO, I MOVED THE RING AND AM USING A SITE HOSTED SCRIPT. DO NOT JOIN THIS RING, JOIN THE NEW ONE AT THE URL ABOVE. A community for people with a music rotation site: whether it be on their domain, site, livejournal -- as long as you have one!

A Song for XX
A Song for XX is a small Ayumi Hamasaki Rotation sites. Here you will be able to find many of her songs available for download and also some goodies that I will put up for all the vistors. Don't come in ...

A music weblog, updated a few times a week, featucommunity a myriad songs from a myriad artists in a myriad genres. YouSendIt powered.

niji no ongaku
A bi-weekly (or whenever I can) mp3 rotation site... We got mostly Japanese anime, jrock, and game music, but I have weird tastes so there will be odd things from time to time.

- - - transition :
- - - transition : aishiteru's japanese media rotation site.

c o s m o p o l i t a n
Cosmpolitan is defined as: \'Having elements from different parts of the world.\' Check out the biweekly rotations of an aural junkie who loves everything and anything (good) from the four corners of the ...

Juice Cup

Rock 54
an mp3 rotation with c/j/k-pop and some occasional western music :)

Literally Music... Mp3... C-pop...K-pop...J-pop anything else to say? ^-^

An mp3 site that rotates monthly, featucommunity japanese, english and chinese songs.

Aqueous Transmission
Luna Imper's mp3 rotation. Features Asian, European, and American music.

My Pace
My Pace is a music rotation as well as an archive for my writing and a roleplay forum.

Mostly just Visual Kei and J-Rock but also some other music every once in a while. Will update on whim, most likely every week or so. This was originally only a blog but was converted into a blog AND ...

Love en Grey
A site where basically all types of music can be found. My playlist ranges from BoA to Malice Mizer to Dir en Grey to L'Arc~en~Ciel. Site is rotated once every two weeks or more often depending on my time ...

Plastic Cafe
an mp3 rotation with jrock and others...

Chubby Nao
An MP3 rotation (duh, obviously) featucommunity mainly jrock

Another rotation site, rotated every week with kpop and jrock. Usually about ten songs, PV, and a clip or two.

Random K-ballad/rock/pop (including C-pop and possibly J-pop) mp3s rotated weekly. Requests are welcome.

A simple mp3 rotational site by me that contains various Asian artist. That includes J-pop, K-pop, C-pop and almost everything!

Yellow Dial Tone
A Jrock rotation site. Sometimes some Jpop or other asian music is included. I will usually update ever week or so. I am always open to requests as well.

Little MP3 rotation site ^^! You can find, J rock (mostly Dir en Grey), Jpop, and anime songs ! Come and see ^o^ !!!

A J-rock MP3 rotation site.

Musika is derived from the Filipino word that means Music. Here you'll be able to download different kinds of music. Having an MP3 site like this is for the solely of shacommunity the music that I ...

good vibrations
kyouNIUE's anime mp3 rotation.

Hot and Sexy Rotation
I will try to upload as much as I can whenever I can!! Requests are more than welcome!

Genetic Bomb
Anime and JRock/Visual Kei music, maybe with a little goth mixed in.