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Dildo the Clown's DAAS Fiction- Long and Longer
A lovely Doug Anthony Allstars Fiction site, inhabited by a sadomasochist and the wackiest writers this side of Hicksville

Susannah Shepherd's Fiction Collection
A collection of original stories and fan fiction (Blake's 7 & Sherlock Holmes), mostly adult/erotic but also some general.

Dark Erotica .Net
DarkErotica.Net - (NC-17) Literary and Gothic erotic stories and books by author: Morgan Hawke. Collected links on How to Write Erotica. Gothic Fetish movies.

Mummy Fanfic Chain
All the characters of The Mummy and The Mummy Returns live on with more adventures! It includes Fanfic by various people, Chain Stories that are being written by a group of people, and a lot more! The ...

Melpomene Writes
A conglomeration or fan fiction and original fiction. Genres include, but are not limited to, drama, romance, fantasy, science fiction, and children's lit.

Because Of The Greater Beings
The world was created by several Greater Beings that have since left. But the world isn't safe from evil as a group of college students are about to find out. Can they stop the seal from being opened? ...

The Drawing Board
A humorous newsletter like website where creative writers of all ages can submit their stories, articles, and poems to appear on the site.

The Spook Light
The Spook Light, a supernatural suspense by Jeannette Trayser. One night from their past... a night that has been destines to repeat itself... This time, someone WILL die. Also features Spooksville, an ...

Undiscovered Talent
This site is dedicated to the shacommunity of amateur fiction. Join the community, and share your art with a large audience.

Story Book Cafe
A collection of poetry, original stories and fanfiction of various genres, most stories centecommunity around a self discovery theme.

xlotus- The MuMmy Fanfiction
A collection of Mummy Fanfiction and Fanart by Toni~Isis.

Shannon Leigh's Home Page
Home page for paranormal fiction author Shannon Leigh. Here you'll find links to her published books, as well as what's in progress. Paranormal, contemporary, science-fiction, fantasy, gothic, whatever ...

For Flying Servants Only.......
Official site of up and coming author Kristin Battestella. Read all the latest news, excerpts, and reviews here!

Leigh Wood. Author.
Excerpts and stories from SF, fantasy, and erotica author Leigh Wood.

The Adventures of Lon Wolfbane - Spirit Guide
This is the story of Lon Wolfbane, a 13 year old Native American Healer, who attends the Hanging Witch just outside of Salem, Massachusetts. Lon, as you will see hates school and would rather stay at ...

Christopher Wittkugle's Homepage
Central location or information about self-published author Christopher Wittkugle\\\'s projects and releases. His debut novel \\\"Hegemony\\\" is available in both print and electronic formats.

Jennifer Muirhead's Blog
A collection of original fiction by a new writer. Various genres.

Shadow's Song
A personal site with emphasis on original scifi, fantasy and romantic suspense, as well as a smattecommunity of fanfic and poetry.

The Squeegee Chronicles
The Squeegee Chronicles is a tale of Pirates, Yams, Stovepipes, War, Wombats, Giants Noodles and Hostile Rogue Piping Systems. For any lover of bizarre comedy, and probably one of the wackiest things ...