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Click Member link to see site in tvGraybeard the Pirate
David HB Drake appears as Graybeard the Pirate, presenting the music and real history of pirates and ancient mariners. David himself is an ancient mariner and professional folksinger and shantyman. He ...

The Pyrates Image
Yer off the edge of the map, mate...here be PYRATES! Professional photographers, actors, costumers and more...

Pirate Pendents
A Pirate's site for custom hand made Sterling Silver and Gold Pirate pendants with skull and crossbones, skull and crossed swords etc.

Visiting the San Diego Maritime Museum, San Diego, CA
Come visit the San Diego Maritime Museum with us, home of the Star of India, oldest sailingship that still sails, and of the HMS Surprise of "Master and Commander - The Far Side of the World."

Christi's Tasty Pirate Websites
This is a website of the favorite webcomics of the readers of the InThePuddle.com webcomic reader community. The comic is partially pirate/pastafarian themed. We have a blog that updates on Mondays with ...

The Rogue Forums
Online message board featucommunity topics that range from Pirates, to goaming, to graphics, and beyond

Cool Pirate Costumes
From Pirates of the Caribbean, to Halloween and everything in between we have it all. For the faires & reenactments, weddings & parties, we have nearly authentic clothing & accessories ~ from top to b ...

Hot Pirate Babes
High Quailty Photo Pinup Art of Beautiful Pirate Babes and Wenches. Entire line of wenchwear, calendar, postcards, temporary tattoos, jewelry and flags featucommunity the Molly Rogers. This is not an ...

Raging Gail
A Tale of a Dacommunity Pirate and the Crew that Sailed Under Her Pirate fiction, updated twice a week, of a seafacommunity lass who crews a ship, roving on the account in the Carib, as seen through ...

Ye Wenches' Wardrobe
Quality renaissance, pirate & wench costumes at a reasonable price. No matter what size you need, we will handcraft a costume to fit you.

The Wenches' Wardrobe
Everything from bawdy pirate wench garb to fine Renaissance ensembes. Dresses, Bodices, Skirts and chemises.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Fan fiction and nautical notes
A website based on the 'The Pirates of the Caribbean' Disney movie productions. Includes fan fiction recommendations for quality PoTC writing, as well as author info on nautical lingo, points of the compass, ...

Pirate Siege of Georgetown
Here is the home of the annual Pirate Siege of Georgetown SC. This festival is held ducommunity the Harborwalk fest in June each year. On board you will find info on our boats, crews, and how you can be ...

Anuk Almacen de libros
is a argentinian pirate library

Midnight Breeze Designs
High-quality clothing of the Renaissance, Pirate and Victorian eras. Wedding parties are a specialty.

Ye Dead Pyrates Society P.O.O.P.
Ye Dead Pyrates Society P.O.O.P A living history/reenacting group who specialize in: Golden Age of Piracy, Raiding Ren-Faires, Tall Ship events, Shrimp Festivals, causing general mayhem, terrorizing ...

21st Century Pirate
Retired Pirate Sean O'Reilly wrote a book about his 30 year career of running the blockade against the Herb. It's full of treachery and greed and disasters at Sea, just like the Legends of the Pirates ...

Pirate Romance
A listing of pirate themed romance novels from 1998 to present.

Ride the Dark Tides
Be ye wantin' ta be a bloodthirsty pyrate of the Devil's Fleet, a noble merchantman, loyal Naval soldier of Royale, or just a rapscallion low life of the Pyrate's Haven, mayhap working as a dockhand or ...

Short Tales of Adventure on the High Seas
Captain Pigheart's adventures and follies on the high seas.

Mad Jack's Pirate Jewelry
Heavy, big, historically and scale accurate hand-made reproductions of the better known jolly rogers, skulls, and piratical jewelry. "Jewelry unsuitable for the Meek."

Majestic Velvets
Find Authentic renaissance and pirate clothing costumes and dresses for under $100

PyrateCon 2008
COME GET YER PIRATE ON…AT PYRATECON! Join us this April 18-20, 2008 at the Hampton Inn in New Orleans' French Quarter. Experience what it was like to be a Buccaneer, Swashbuckler and Pirate in the historic ...

Shipwrecked Pirate Music Festival
The Shipwrecked Pirate Music Festival hs evolved into a day long celebration of pirate music, folklore and culture. The festival will be held Saturday, August 23, 2008 in Columbia, MO. Shipwrecked Pirate ...

Arg Matey
Pirate Game

The Revered Order of Pirates and Rogues
pirate flags for sale, crew sign up, pirate history, pirate art, etc.

The Pirate Trading Co. LLC
The Pirate Trading Co. be sellin' treasure from Capt. Jack's Pirate Hats, The Pirate Furniture Co., PyratEbooks, Little Pirate Books, Pirate Kids Toys, Pirate Games, Pirate Clothes, Art from the famous ...

Renn_Fare's Pirate Swag
Stop by my Zazzle Gallery and check out the 'booty'!! Pirate mugs, pins and bumper stickers can be found here. Stop back often as new products are being added daily (sure, there's other items besides ...

Pirate Guild
Maritime and Nautical site with a piratey Flavor ,Pirate Guild .com is the mother site for a group of websites offecommunity Games ,Media shacommunity ,horoscopes and astrology and much more

Arg Matey - A Pirate Game
I new online pirate game.

The Pirate Devlin
website currently being built to showcase the novels of Mark Keating. All books are pirate based historical novels. Website also will have historical facts and links to historical resources.

Ye Olde Tavern
Pyracy Pub Members Unite! Living History, Artisans and Re-Enactors all hailing from the Golden age Of Pyracy! If ye have a fancy then stop in and have a tankard with us!

Perils of the Pirate Princess
The Pirate Princess and her crew of Buccaneer Beauties are in constant conflict with the Stumbling Swashbucklers (AKA Putrid Pirates) in this rollicking comedic new free web series full of sword fights ...

Deadeye Jacks Cabin - Pirate Shop
Deadeye Jacks Cabin is a Pirate Shop Run by Pirate Re-enactors, selling Pirate Clothing, Swords, Daggers, Flintlock Pistols and Muskets and much more.

Swag Arts
Costuming accessories, hand-crafted jewelry recreations & original designs. Specializing in Pirate, Tribal, Barbarian, Vampire, Voodoo, Gothic, Bohemian Chic & Gypsy adornments.

NOLA Pyrate Week
From March 28 thru April 5 (2009) the citizens of New Orleans celebrate PYRATE WEEK - nine days of swashbuckling, art, music, food, events and general camaraderie among the Pyrates of New Orleans - past ...

The Pyrates Union
We are the International Brotherhood Of Neutral Pyrates, aka The Pyrates Union Welcome aboard the Pyrate Ship Neutral... A place where Pyrates can be Pyrates without conflict, back stabbing or general ...

Pirates Of North Texas
From Buccaneers to Privateers, and all in between. Climb aboard and hoist ye sails, we shall sail the seven seas. With a pirate's heart and it runs through your veins, wait no longer and join ...

Mermaid Tales
Ocean Pens Story Mermaid and the Mermaid Blog, and Plenty of Pirate Tales Converge, Naturally, With Those Of The Seamaidens, and Seamales With Actual Tails. Ocean Also Writes About Myths In History.

House of Cadarn
A musical duo specalizing in maritime, nautical and Celtic music of the past, present and future along with other random silliness.

Island Life Shop
You've found the pirate treasure! Here you'll find your tropical pirate shirt, pirate decor and even mermaids.

The Captains Memos
We are a pirate themed humor blog. Our site is something to keep you entertained throughout the bocommunity workday...or whenever. It has everything...humor, sports, women, midgets, pirates, manatees and ...

Constant Sail: Pirates and Traders
Constant Sail is a real-time web-based massive multiplayer online game (MMO) where you take to the high seas to explore, trade, fight pirates, or even become a pirate yourself.

Buccneer's Curse
Some pirate fun and a little seriousness too!

Pirate Clothing and Accessories
An extension of our shop, Tortuga Traders, at the Texas Renaissance Festival, we are bit by bit adding our Faire wares to hign seas of the internet!! We offer custom rum bottles, pirate clothing, captain's ...

Wilkerson's Wylde Wares
We produce Hand-drawn leather maps, Handcrafted leather goods (Belts, Pouches, Baldrics), Garb, Custom cloaks (soon pirate half jackets) and more. We sell Black powder Pistols, muskets and Accessories, ...

The Captain's Steamroom
I welcome your company and appreciate your feedback. Now grab a pint and join me on this distractionary adventure. I guess the time has come. To set sail on the journey through my mind. While ...

Hoist the Colors - Young Adult Pirate Novel
Hoist the Colors is the debut, young adult pirate novel by Jen Corkill. It has adventure, revengeful first mates and a theme of redemption. Fast paced and character driven, the novel blends history ...

Under The Black Flag
Under The Black Flag is a Pirate Brotherhood which share the pirate history.The song said everything: To the mast nail our flag it is dark as the grave, Or the death which it bears while it sweeps o'er ...