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Click Member link to see site in tv Black Diamond Pirates
We strive to be a Historical Re-creating Pirate Crew. We celebrate an Era of "Time Gone By". Feel the ground tremble as Our Black Powder Cavaliers steal the show.Pirates clash swords and Wenches swoon.So ...

Pirates of The Carob Bean
Capt Tofu and The Pirates of The Carob Bean seek shipmates to embark on an aventure to discover the secrets o life and treasures beyond your dreams. Health, spiritual wealth and happiness for people, animals ...

Jolly Roger - Pirate History
History of the early pirates and the flags they flew.

revered order of pirates and rogues
A site by a pirate crewe in the tidewater Virginia area. features membership certificates, crewe member id cards,pirate flag sales, pirate history,crewe information,join our crewe application.

Pirate Novelty Items from Specialty Emporium
We carry pirate novelty items such as Jolly Roger flag decals, patches, mini stickers, pirate door hangers and property signs. We even have BBQ and hot sauce with the familiar skull and crossed bones on ...

POTC Fan Trips
POTC Fan Trips offers a 10 day/9 night pirate-themed tour to the Caribbean and 3 of the days are on a privately chartered tall ship! Anyone who is interested in pirates or specifically the movie "Pirates ...

Glaston Privateers
A roleplay forum and guild for piratey folk!

The Moonlight Serenade
The Moonlight Serenade is a Pirates of the Caribbean Role-Play and Discussion Community. This adventure takes place after the first POTC movie, but before the second, added with a twist of our own imagination. ...

Buccaneers of the Atlantic Coast
The Buccaneers of the Atlantic Coast (BotAC) is a historical reenactment group dedicated to preserving a part of our Atlantic Coast history thatís both romantic as well as forbidding... and a lot of fun ...

Realms and Empires
Realms and Empires is your gateway to cool gifts and collectibles from history. Buy a pirate sword, flintlock pistol or a skull bank to hide your treasure. Cool buccaneer gear at great prices!

POTC RolePlay
Come and Enjoy this Rp. It's still small, but it will grow if you join!

Privateers of Triton's Fury
All about our pirate entertainment group.

Pyrate Leatherworx
Pyrate Leatherworx handcrafts leather items for the distinguished pirate. We make several styles of pirate hats, belts, pouches, arm bracers & more. Also check out the etched glass liquor bottles, scottish ...

Gypsy Pyrates
Ahoy Mates! The Captain of the good ship "Galendere" welcomes ye tae sail the high seas in search of adventure with the Gypsy Pyrates! The Gypsy Pyrates is a diverse guild of pirate and gypsy reenactors ...

Privateer Dragons of the Caribbean
Privateer Dragons of the Caribbean is a renaissance faire guild of privateers, buccaneers and pirates.

Pirate's Plunder
Pirate's Plunder is an antique and collectibles mall and so much more. We're filled to the gunnels with treasures, including Captain Robert Blair's Pirate Emporium....a ship full of pirate merchandise ...

Pirate Documents
Personalize any historic document from the 13th-19th centuries. Printed on Olde Paper. Expert custom forgery.

Cap'n Z, Space Pirate
Your Cap'n will confess, tis true she steers another ship. Thar be a blog out there where all me mates, all thier elders an all their wee barins know how t' find me. Tis usually fine, but thar be times ...

Jolly Rogues
Music from 1700s on with somesample down loads of some great drinking songs,hornpipes,and dance tunes RRRRRRRRR!!

The Official Jolly Roger Registry
The official registrar for Jolly Rogers and Home Port for Sinister Sue's Scriptorium--everything a Rogue needs for Penning a Proper Missive. Hoist ye Colours Matey!

The Skull and Cross-Bones
This is my Pirates Table of Contents with various articles about pirates, privateers, and pirate flags, pirate stories, and re-enacting.

The Scurvvy Dawgs
A pirate comedy troupe based out of Waukesha Wisconsin. Pillage and plunder Renaissance performers for the young and old. Arghhhhhhhhhh

Dress Like A Pirate .com
High quality nearly authentic pirate and wench costume clothing. Pirate parties, historical re-enactment events, theme weddings, theatrical wardrobe from hats to frock coats to shirts and blouses, pants, ...

Dark Tides
Primarily a Pirate/Privateer based RPG. Play anything from a Pirate/Privateer to a Merchant or Marine (Royal Naval Officer) even Thieves and Assassins. A fairly fast-paced, fun RPG - just remember to ...

Triskelion Pirate Conspiracy
Triskelion Pirate Conspiracy is a musical group based in San Antonio Texas.

Passion For Pirates
Welcome to Passion For Pirates, a fan site where you can find all things Pirates of the Caribbean! For those of you who share the wonderful passion for the movie, or just pirates in general, this be the ...

Pirate Junk Online Pirate Game
Web based, online adventure role playing pirate game based on the popular 1980 game Taipan. Battle pirates, trade, sell market commodities. Make gold, win fights, gain wealth. Play free trial game.

Daniel Burdick of The Dirty Rotten Oar
This site is about my life as Deniel Burdick or Skullery with the Crew of The Dirty Rotten Oar.

the treasure ship restaurant
saint augustine unique restaurants, entertaining dining places, family dining saint augustine, s,

The Crew of the Dirty Rotten Oar
This site chronicles the exploits of The Crew of the Dirty Rotten Oar, a merry band of actors who portray 15th and 16th century pirates at Renaissance Faires and other events through out the state of ...

The Black Swan - A Pirate Story
An online, text play, fantasy, role playing writting group. I call it a living book. The flow of the story goes with the interaction of played characters. From battles on land, to the high seas. Treason, ...

200PirateWords.com presents you an opportunity to own your own pirate words and grab some traffic through inexpensive advertising.

St. Augustine Pirate University
Review your pirate knowledge with our study courses, take the final exam and download your pirate diploma

House of Cadarn
House of Cadarn is a musical group that specializes in Celtic and Maritime Music.

The Sheppey Pirates Homepage
Avast, we be the Sheppey Pirates - a crew of murderous cutthroats from the deepest darkest depths of Kent, England. We be fer hire should ye be wishing it. Set yer course for our website fer details

A site set up to promote and record the pirate re-enactment scene with a particular focus on the UK.

a pirate roleplaying website still looking for crew members.

The Pirate PT
A Site dedicated to the greatest Pirate Car !! The Pirate PT

Bcommunity Me That Horizon
A Jack Sparrow Fansite!

Black Pearl Tales
Black Pearl Tales is the official archive for Black Pearl Sails and Black Pearl Library, two Yahoo groups that offer safe harbor* to dedicated fanfiction writers. Our members truly want to tell a rousing ...

My Lady's Cutlass
Merging the essence of Celtic, French, and English folk music, with original Pirate songs, featucommunity flutes, drums, psalteries,English bagpipe, and the resounding growl of the didgeridoo, My Lady's ...

The Pyrates Way
'Tis the only website upon the internet waves in which to find a pirate magazine written BY pirates! Join us at our home port on the 7 seas of the web and find yerself becoming a crewmember. Avast ye ...

Sea Rats
Fun and exciting board game of battle on the high seas! Hoist yer sails and man the cannon! Steal the treasure. Destined to be a classic!

Bloodthirsty Pirate Tales
"Pirate Tales Magazine" and "Bloodthirsty Pirate Tales". Your home port for pirate adventure! Featucommunity Richard Becker's acclaimed epic: Blackbeard the Pirate. The illustrated magazine of pirate ...

Sea Wolf Clothing and Accessories
Clothing and Accessories, "Made by Pirates For Pirates." Attacking towns since 1990. We don't steel Pirate art from history we make our Pirate art history.

The Pirates' Code
A pirate forum that will expand to suit the needs of its members. For now, it's a RP site, but hopes ot add more historical details to real pirates

Save A Pirate! Adopt A Pirate!
The Adventures of Short Stubbly Brownbeard is the story of Blackbeard the Pirate's not-so-successful, not-quite-as-famous cousin. It's an epic of good versus evil where pre-historic numbers thirst for ...

Bloodthirsty: A Pirate's Life
A Pirates of the Caribbean alternate universe RPG.

Mallory and McCall/ The Skeleton Crew Pirate Band
The home of vintage Professional Musical Pirates, plying the seas of Southern California. Our "Skeleton Crew Pirate Band" has appeared at numerous events from Pirate Feativals to the Red Carpet at the ...

Pirate.VI - We are the Pirates in the Caribbean
Pirate.VI encompasses a life long passion for anything having to do with specifically caribbean pirates, their adventures, and their stories. We also sell our own tee shirts, hats and unique Items.