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This community is mainly about piracy on the high seas and sites with a related pirate or nautical topic. Sites can be about historical or present day pirates, fact or fiction, serious or fun as long as they are of interest to most of us seafarin' pirates. Visit our Pirate Community Homepage for more complete information about this community.

Pirate Community Homepage
This is where you will find out what the Pirate Community is all about including our membership enrollment information. Join us in our quest to be the best pirate community sailing on the cyberseas.

Brethren of the Coast
Tis a pirate seekers haven. With info and images of pirates, ships, flags, weapons, games, books, and movies. Includes some biographies and music with a huge list of pirate and nautical links. Step aboard ...

Pyracy Pub
The forum for pirates in renaissance faires, festivals, and everyone fascinated by piracy!

Thistles & Pirates
Home page of historical novelist, Cindy Vallar. Contributing Editor of Suite101.com's Pirates and Privateers, Cindy writes monthly articles on the history of maritime piracy and provides links to the ...

The Pirateses
A little small, but soon ta be a huge Pirate Ship-er- Pirate Siter that is. This site has a real crew and is getting fixed up all the time. We got yer pirate crew, links, vocab, personality quizes, a gallery ...

The Pirate Brethren
The Pirate Brethren website, dedicated to reenacting pirates in the Golden Age, 1680-1725, with pictures from our events, and other information useful to the pirate reenacting community.

piratemerch.com is your one-stop source for pirate t-shirts, hoodies, flags, and more. tons of original designs along with many of the classics.

Lady Couture
Lady Couture bcommunitys ye scurvy dawgs the finest hand-crafted Pirate wear to be found anywhere on the high seas! Featucommunity the finest, most accurate Jack Sparrow replica leather tricorn hat, head ...

Pirate of Panther Bay
This site features information and resources about pirates and pirate literature, highlighting the novel The Pirate of Panther Bay and subsequent books in the Panther Bay series

Cutthroat Clams, fresh clams from the boat to you within 24 hours. Anywhere in USA plus Hawaii + Alaska 1-866-PLUNDER. st. Saint James city, florida clams, pirate clothing. order shellfish online for restaurants, ...

Enchanted Mermaid\\\'s Grotto
This is a sanctuary from the every day life that can make us weary at times Happy inspicommunity stories, org published poetry, stories, and zapper stories, Come, to rest and refresh your soul by the sea... ...

Yordreem Creations
Yordreem Creations specializes in outfitting your pyrate character. We design and create period clothing reproductions to give you the ultimate look and feel for your outfit; whether it\'s for film, ...

Captain Blood's Cove
Pirate site containing pictures, nautical information, mermaids, poetry, and much much more....{;}

Site de la Dame

The Adventures of Dorianne the Pirate
Visit Captain Dorianne Valora Waverider and the crew of the Sea Witch, and find out more about them and other female seafarers of history. Accept the Captain's invitation to join her in her cabin, and ...

Silverbones is a five song pirate tale about pillage, plunder and eventual doom.

Ile de Torture - Tales of Pirates and Buccaneers
Ile de Torture is an interactive writing story that takes place ducommunity the Caribbean's Golden Age of Piracy. It is part of the Pan Historia Web Community. Basic membership to the community is free ...

Brothers of the Coast
A collection of pirate art for you to pirate.

Alternative Fashion with Piratical Attitude! From goth to punk - professional to pirate. T-Shirts, Tanks and more. Classic and Traditional designs, as well as unique and unusual. "Fer' the Pirate in Yer' ...

We Be Pirates
Pirate forum, Pirate chat- Silliness and Informative Topics! Yarr, get yer pirate lingo down and come join. ^^ Swab that poop deck!

Captain Raven's Sea Dogs of the Eighteenth Century
A site containing general information on piracy as well as biographies of individual pirates and some things on life in the Royal Navy. Also has some original artwork.

Pirate's Brew
The best tasting brew of the seven seas!

The Open Seas
"If every town in the world were like this one, no one would ever feel unwanted" Welcome to the Open Seas maties! We are a bunch of misplaced scalliwags and buccaneers running a very active forum dedicated ...

Privateers Scavenger Hunt
Performers of the "PRIVATEER'S SCAVENGER HUNT". Theme specific Entertainment for conventions, faires, special events and private parties as well as Renaissance faires and other theme type events.

The Rogue Of Dundee
The Rogue Of Dundee is a Pirate Sea Shanty & Pub Song written by The Moor Of Dundee, Leza Mesiah who performs at Scarborough Faire In Texas. The site promotes Renaissance Faire Fun & a British Ballad and ...

Pirates "Everything you never knew"
The Definition of Piracy{;}{;}According to the Shorter Oxford dictionary piracy is robbery, kidnapping, or violence at sea or from the sea without lawful authority. Piracy can also be the illegal copying ...

Pirates Plunder
A pirate baised roleplay site

The Gunners Gallery
An art gallery with lots of pirate images, graphics and flags

News, reviews, and commentary on all things piratey!