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Pern Roleplayers is for all those interested in roleplaying on Pern. Fan Sites are encouraged, Clubs welcome. All clubs submitted will be reviewed for conformity to Anne McCaffrey's Rules.

Eastern Islands Weyr rpg
Eastern Islands Weyr ~rpg~ is set in the theoretical 11th pass pern. By just signing up you can become a dragonrider and don\'t even have to go through the candidate stage.

High Reaches Weyr - An Alternate Ninth Pass Pern
This is a club based in the Ninth Pass where none of the current books have happened. Benden was destroyed, and the survivors moved to High Reaches. There is only one Weyr to meet Thread.

Lytharia Weyr
A basic roleplaying Pern Site for people who have just got into the wold of Pern and any other dragonlovers.

Red Skies Weyrling Training Facility
An Alternate 23rd Pass Full Post PBeM. Pern\'s dragon population has exploded, requicommunity the creation of a Facility that raises weyrlings from Impression to Graduation.

New Hope Weyr- Communitys Page
Visit us and recognize an epic, Meet us and uncover friends, Join us and realize a dream.. to become a dragonrider at New Hope Weyr!

My Pern MOO Characters
Just a little place for my Pern characters and a few other ramblings.

DragonWings is a Pern PbeM with an exciting and engaging setting you won’t find anywhere else! There are lots of ranking opportunities, and interesting positions for all tastes. We’re strict on canon, ...

Calypso Weyr
Far up in the Northern Barrier Range, is a secluded spot. Perched in a cliff lies a decent sized weyr with a rather small population. Spread out below the Weyr Entrance sits a wide field which support ...

Falling Skies Weyr
An approved Weyr in the semi alternate 7th pass, Play by E-mail. Falling skies and Sky broom are joint weyrs (both are PC), one in the north and one in the south. The two weyrs tend not to get along ...

The Haunted Mount
The personal site of a Pern roleplayer (mostly PBeMs); mostly odds'n'ends, always under construction.

Waterfall Weyr
A recently approved PBeM Pern RPG. Very small at the moment, and looking for members to fill vacant positions.

Shades of Blue
A personal home page for my fandom characters, who live in Fort Weyr of the 13th Pass on Pern. Meet Lineve, A'len and the crew.

OceanFalls Weyr
Set in the Thirteenth Pass, AIVAS was found filled with information, but not functioning. Jazdylyth has clutched twenty-two eggs, with one a gold. Many ranks are open, including Senior Weyrwoman! Visit ...

Torayan Weyr
Friendly, approved, writing-focused PbEM in a tropical setting, always welcoming new members. Round-robin style posting, but full posts are fine, too.

Roles of Pern
Are you new to Pern RPG and need help finding a Weyr? Or are you an owner and looking for a new way to get your Weyr advertised to gain new members? If so, then you've come to the right place! {;}{;}{;}{;}{;}Roles ...

Pegasus Weyr
Pegasus Weyr is a new, full-post PBeM set after AIVAS in an alternate timeline. It is still small, and looking for new members and personas of all ranks and positions.

Semling Weyr
Semling Weyr is an alternate 10th Pass PBeM that has been around since April of 2000. We were recently reapproved and have lots of positions open for people who want to have fun and play with new peo ...

Big River Weyr
Big River Weyr is in the Sixth Pass, established as a weyr for the healthy refugees of Southern Sea.

Mornings Dawn Weyr
We're an approved PBeM Weyr set in an alternate 3rd pass over in the Far Western Continent. A not so recent plague and the beggining of Fall has left the Weyr and hold in shambles! Now Ista has kidnapped ...

Lunan Weyr
Lunan Weyr is an an approved offline weyr set in the northern continent. There are many high ranking positions still to be filled, as the weyr is relatively new, and those of lesser rank, crafters, and ...

Ksatria Weyr
Ksatria-the Hindu term for Warrior class-is set in the beginning of the Eighth Pass. Firelizards and dolphins have both 'reappeared' to humans after their return to the South.{;}{;}Unfortunately Ksatria ...

Azov Weyr
Azov Weyr, Alternate 11th Pass. Originating in the 13th Pass, Azov timed it back to the 11th Pass to aid a decimated Pern in fighting Thread. Welcome!

Official Smithcraft Homepage
The official website for Smiths on PernMUSH.{;}

Jenna of PernMUSH
Character page for Jenna and gold Niyath of Fort Weyr, Pern MUSH. Fairly comprehensive links section, as well as current projects at Fort Weyr.{;}

Dorado Weyr
{;}An alternate time line ninth pass weyr, Play-By-E-Mail Writing group, based on Perns Southern Continent.{;}{;}