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This PEN-DRAGON Community is a collection of web sites dedicated to poetry, literature, writing, resources, art, and fantasy. Under new management** currently closed to new members. Check back later Sorry for any inconvience.

FantmLord's Poetry - From Out Of The Darkness
Site about "Real Life" and the struggles that occur within each of us. How to deal with the fears of the mind and relate to the Love from others.

a site dedicated to helping new web pagers develop and have an exciting page that they will be proud to send their friends to

Random Acts of Craziness
Feature some of my own writing and accepts contributions from other writers including, poetry, lyrics, and short stories

Vault of the Innermost Mind
Fictional SciFi stories & poetry.{;}SciFi graphic art.

Fantasy Stories: by the Princess
An early tender spcommunity has decended upon the lands of Krondor. The trees suspended {;}{;}over my balcony are dripping with soft pink blossoms. They smell of honey and glow with a hopeful future. ...

Rival of Mars
Site for my original science fiction/fantasy story "Rival of Mars". Check it out or you will be haunted by a mysterious shadow for the rest of your days.

Starlight's Realm of Words
This page is dedicated to books and words, with various good links. The rest of the site has such things as html, poetry, music, crochet, knitting and even desktop theme links."

Guardian Angel's Lair
Come on in and grab yourself a cup of something hot to drink!!! Absorb the tranquility that this site is built on and kick your feet up!! Let the words of this humble (and sometimes shy) poet sink into ...

Beasts & Beauties
Fantasy art galleries featucommunity mythical beasts & beautiful women. Artwork by Luis Royo, Boris Vallejo, Frank Frazetta and many more. PG13 artistic nudity.

The Story Fire
Around the fire they gather...one starts, and another continues, each adding a thread to the story. Come, sit by the fire and listen, or add a thread to their tapestry of words.

The Poetry of Matthew Chouest
This is a page wih my poems: romance poems, legend poems, and nature poems.

Dream Mistress Books
I offer a glimps into my many books, all have been written by myself and one day I hope to publish them..

Two Books of Poetry by dsaveWho
"The Rock Who Cried" and "Other Women" are presented as well as a number of other works -- som previously unpublished. A biography of the author is also included.

Luxura's Lair of Poetry
Poetry where realism mingles with fantasy.

A site dedicated to putting all types of gamers and moderators together. Unlike most other sites, adverts are posted by email (and can be received by email if you prefer) which means that you can be relatively ...

Waterspryte's World
Visit the fantastical realms of amateur author/illustrator Celia Coulter.Read dark/sci-fi poetry, see some of her scribblings and join her on her journey.

Sir Valiaunt's Haven
Part the folage of the trees and travel deep into the forest to the magical realm of my secret haven where anything is possible. Come learn how to cast a spell or pet the dragons. Sip the fine, aged wine ...

into the v o i d
Come into the void with me and i'll show you the other side...the one behind my eyes...don't be afraid...it's o.k.

Wolves Dragon
i post my poetry and that of my friends on my site so we can share our poems with other poetry lovers.

Jen's SpiritFire's Fantasy Page
This page is dedicated to fantastic creatures and worlds big and small.

Mystic Passages
Once inside, {;}you'll find many Passages.{;}Some leading to Poetry and Art.{;}Others to Dreams and Nature.{;}Some Literal, Some Physical,{;}Some Musical, Some Spiritual.{;}And a few Hidden Ones as well.{;}If ...

Alexandra's Tortall Website
A website with a Knighthood Club, a fanfiction corner, polls, quotes, links, encyclopedias, debates corner, an upcoming fanart corner, games, lots more. Fall across the Barrier between Fantasy and Rea ...

Opossum Sally's Goldenmean
This site contains articles and links on a wide variety of subjects including gardening, crafts, pets, poetry, jokes, quips & quotes, health, cooking, and much more. Come sign my Free For All Links!{; ...

Lady Dreams World
A place of writings which are on many levels of mind, body, spirit. A place of teaching of self empowerment, and a place of love and unity.

Emily's Fantasy Medieval Realm
Medieval, Fantasy, stuff...