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This community is designed to bcommunity together sites that enrich the pagan community as a whole. What does this mean exactly? It means that ANY site can join, so long as there is a pagan theme to it. This includes art, poetry, music, spell books, sites on myths and legends, gods and goddesses and educational sites. Your site does not have to be solely devoted to Wicca, or any one religion. Unlike many communitys, this one gladly welcomes commercial sites, so long as they are pagan related. {;}

Jeanie & Als' Home page
This page has a separate page of it's own aabout nothing but Wicca. The site is a new one, butt it will be very informative when done. It will also have a Book Of Shadow page attached to it too.

Goddess of the 8th House
We are deciated to the Goddess in ancient and contemporary tradition. We offer horoscopes, online shopping for amulets, jewelry, and pagan supplies, and food for thought for all those interested in alternative ...

Star Breezes
Paganism from an eclectic point of view. Information on correspondences, magick, some information on tolerance, and a few pagan graphics.

Deeva's WICCA Website
A personal, yet informative website dedicated to the Craft, and my journey therein.

SilverMoon's Path
SilverMoon's Path is a Wiccan site that is geared toward those who are new to this path or those who need a bit of a refresher :-) I have an online BOS as well as tons of other interesting information. ...

Midnight Muse - Adornment & Aesthetica
We offer prints of Pre-Raphaelite, Victorian Romantic, and visionary 20th century paintings, featucommunity artists like JW Waterhouse, Dante Rossetti, Bouguereau, Alma-Tadema, Godward, Burne-Jones, Leighton, ...

A site for those who are interested in wicca and or shamanism, or who are looking for help along their chosen paths.

A Magickal Realm
My personal witches/gothic site. It includes and/or will include: a BOS,links,a Charmed page,Photos,Poetry,Moon Phases and much more!

Wise Wayz
A gathecommunity place to share information and for exploration. Spirituality...Healing...Magick...{;}Community

A Journal of a Poet - The Goddess as my Muse
This site is a growing art form, conceived in love and dedicated to the Goddess in all her many forms. The site includes original poetry and artwork of talented mythic and goddess artists.

Delaware Valley Pagan Network
The intent of the Delaware Valley Pagan Network is to establish a secular structure that may be shared by the full gamut of the pagan religious spectrum. We invite and include all Pagan individuals and ...

Sorceress Jade's
A Wiccan Teen's path of self discovery through the craft. Come learn with me.

Earth Graphics
Pagan/magick related graphics generated by Alexandrea Meadows with Gimp.

The official site of the traditional polytheistic religion of the Greek (Hellenic) religion of the Dodecatheon, of the Societas Hellenica Antiquariorum, the Comitee for the Greek religion and the journal ...

Across Time
Adoptables and graphics free with link back. This site has free adoptables and graphics as well as information about the sabbats and esbats & past lives. (site is undergoing reconstruction and should ...

Natyre's Pathe
"Come explore Natyre's Pathe with me and may we find all that we seek and much much more..."

Pagani Press
Pagani Press produces pagan-oriented art & stories, including New Avalon Magazine. We have a community for other pagan artisans, and hope to make the topic more mainstream. We want to overcome the slanderous ...

Lady Raven's Book of Shadows
My Wicca site. Devoted to my beliefs and thoughts.

My Spiritual Pages
A site where I like to collect things as I learn about paganism. There's also an ever-growing section with legends, sagas & fairy tales, on being a scorpio, oodles of vegetarian and vegan recipes, recycling ...

Selafais Project Part IV
With{;}assosiation with the [Gods Dreamland] we will present to you the Selafais Project.{;}A Cthulhian fantasy Landscapes project in 6 parts.{;}

Divine Love Light
Professional psychic readings and spell-casting services for love, money, luck and more. Whatever your situation, we are here to help you.

some infos of the basic of magic, herbs,{;}fonds of gailig and runes (english part is on contrution for the moment only german)

Celticchild - Mysticways
Basis informationen über Magie und Kräuter der Hausapoteke

The Olde Way
A pagan group that seeks to provide the public with information, past & present about celtic religions such as Celtic Traditionalism, Druidism, and modern day Celtic Wicca, etc. We also teach about the ...

Grainne's Celtic Pagan Resources
Celtic Pagan resources and the home of the Witches of the WebCommunity ~ All are welcome....