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Community for people who loves japanese music! General pages, blogs, music rotations, all are wellcome ^^.

A Song for XX
A Song for XX is a small Ayumi Hamasaki MP3 Rotation site. You will be able to find everything from MP3's to special video clips which will only be put up once in a while as a treet for the visitors. The ...

I Awoke
A site with an Mp3 rotation, bi-weekly PV rotation, avatars, and fanfiction.

The Den
This site offers anime/jrock/jpop/other mp3s, image galleries, reviews, learn some Japanese, discography, singer profiles and more!

My Pace
My Pace is a music rotation updated weekly/bi-weekly depending on my schedule. It was made out of boredom, updated out of boredom. In addition to being a music rotation, it's also a forum and an archive ...

An MP3 Rotation featucommunity mostly a collection of JMusic & Anime MP3's. With extensive collections of InuYasha, Ranma ½ & many more!

A site for the jpop group, dream.

Deadly Nightshade
JROCK and JPOP rotation. But I'm more of a rocker though. I rotate whenever and whatever I want It's all good I promise

STRANGE [junk]
A blog but sort of not because I talk about stuff that I like (bands (jrock), fashion, movies, trends, etc) and where you can buy it.

Domain and collective of Yoio, named after L'arc~en~ciel's song.

Appleface Memories
FREE ASIAN + ENglish MP3s rotated evey months or fortnight ^_______^

Groovy Blue
My blog.{;}Spanish only.

Sonic Boom
An mp3 rotation/request site for japanese music (mostly anime, but still lots of j-bands)

j-rock mp3 rotation site. 10 songs!! Come check it out..XD

Hidden Track
a mp3 rotation updated fortnightly with music such as Chinese/HK-pop, K-pop, J-pop,etc Also we do requests but depends on our playlist ^_^

sugary sweet VOICE
sugary sweet VOICE is an East-Asian mp3 rotation site updating weekly with 6~8 songs for your listening pleasure.

Red Rain Falls Softly
A humble little site dedicated to Japanese music. Every week I rotate my mp3/pv choices. Don't be afraid to make a request!!

Exodus 04
my j-pop/j-rock (and maybe a little english in the future!) weekly rotation!

Oasis... an random Mp3 Rotation site. lots of songs + pvs~~ and cute layout too~~~~~

Feel My Soul
A music rotation site with various Japanese and Chinese music rotated in at my leisure. A good many are anime related but many are not as well. Requests are welcome.

~:+SuperhumanChichi's Planet Asia+:~
Contains wallpapers, artist information, and lyrics to songs by Asian singers and groups. Japanese singers, J-pop, J-rock, J-Indies, Gackt, 12012, Guruguru Eigakan, AUSHVITZ, An Cafe', Hamasaki Ayumi, ...

Ai Nigai Ongaku
All request music site (well I put two on there of my own :P) so i need people to come visit so I can have requests!!! =3

Music Rotation site devoted to Visual Kei, Gothic, Rock, Metal music in Japan. Only awesome and interesting songs rotated every week. Have Fun!!^^

Vomit Noodles
J-Rock MP3 Rotation run by Bhree. Updated every Friday night. Please feel free to vomit your requests in the VomitRequests box!

Midori's GreenPondExchange
JPop, JRock, AnimeOST mp3 rotation

The Visual RomanesquE
Welcome to the humble website set up for no other purpose than to share music and videos with you in the form of a simple rotation. We put items up, you see them and thereby download them, we take items ...