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A community for blogging knitters in New York City! New York City knitters share a special kind of solidarity. Maybe you've stabbed a neighbor on the subway with a too-long needle or left a DPN in a taxi cab. Maybe you've spent a perfect day in Prospect Park or Central Park with a blanket, a book, and your knitting. You definitely know where School Products is and how to get to it without refercommunity to a map. We 5 borough knitters need some solidarity on the Internets, too. So here it is: a blog community. RULES To be a member of this community: 1. You must live within the 5 boroughs (sorry, Philadelphia is not a borough!) 2. You must have a knitting blog, where you talk about knitting. 3. You must post regularly. For our purposes regularly will be at least once a week. 4. The community code must be correct and must be visible on the page where your blog is located. 5. Your blog must be written in english. 6. You are responsible for making chages to your blog information (new url, new email, new blog name). When joining the community: 1. Your blog must be at least a month old. 2. Your blog must show regular postings (once a week) for the last month. 3. You have one week from the time you submit your site to get your community code up and running correctly. 4. You will receive a message from CommunitySurf with your Community Code and Community ID. Please keep this message or your records!

New York Minknit
A blog about knitting in New York.


brooklyn t w e e d
fibers forever

Dogs Steal Yarn
Preferred by four out of five Italian Greyhounds, three out of seven literary critics, two out of nine grandmothers, and a handful of miscreants with needles and yarn.

frantic om
chaos and creativity knitting, creativity, life

Knitting and Other Stuff
A blathecommunity on about knitting by a new york graphic designer with too much time on her hands.

The DeDe

My Early Granny-Like Tendencies
Following my creative out put in the form of yarn, fabric, or anything else that inspires me.

The Lone Knitter
A blog about knitting, writing, the weather, consolations, dreaming about yarn and spinning, and the occassional food craving.

House Arrest
sometimes quirky. sometimes funny. always honest.

Army of Knitters

Kris Knits
An attempt to knit all that my heart desires. Lots of baby knits.

Brooklyn Handspun - Spinning in Brooklyn
Join me in my downward spiral into fiber addiction! Spinning funky fun yarns - they are also for sale!!! and watch me and my tourtured knitting skills.

SistahCraft is a portal for events, technical info, politics, humor, and hip- to-trip ideas related to primarily knitting and crochet. Inclusive for needleworkers of color and gender.

An Abundance of Lisa
A blog about my knitting, cooking, and adventures in New York City.

gleek [to spend time idly]
spend time idly

Lady Knitterly
I live in NYC and knit with my obligatory tortie Mary.

Purls in the Park
A little knitting, a little gardening, a lot of New York City

Autumn Sweater
about Yarn, Knitting, perhaps Yo La Tengo, and other things that occupy my time...

Cindy's Craft A.D.D.iction
Chronicles of my craft addiction, especially in knitting, crochet, spinning, and dyeing.

jessie in stitches
brooklyn knitter

Mason-Dixon Knitting
Kay lives in New York; Ann lives in Nashville. With the help of the AnnCam and the KayCam, they blab about knitting and anything else that comes up in the course of the day.

knitting and designing in new york city

Hari, itu, hajime
Just my little blog, stuff I knit and love, stuff I knit and hate. I've even written my first pattern!

Streets and YOs