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Blog community of artists with chronic illness or pain. This blog community hopes to create a network of established and new artists who are balancing their art with their chronic health conditions and/or pain. Members are welcome from around the world, from all kinds of artistic practices. Visit the Chronic Artists blog http://chronicartists.wordpress.com

Chronic Artists Blog
Blog for the Chronic Artists network. Artists who balance chronic illness or pain with their artistic practice. Features bloggers from the Chronic Artist Blog Community.

Art blog of rachelcreative discovecommunity the artist inside. I have ME/CFS and live in the UK. My art blog features mainly ink and watercolour drawings (often about my illness and my life) and photography ...

Blog, life, art and ramblings from a photographer with M.E.

L'Ombre de mon ombre
My blog is where I describe life in general for a PWME and the difficulties facing someone who 'pre-illness' had an active life in the Arts and still wishes to maintain a creative practice

Pictures and Pondecommunitys
Mainly housebound with ME, A happy snapper. frustrated by the limitations of lving with ME but amazed at what I can find to photograph in my immediate surroundings. More pictures than pondecommunitys ...

The Beauty Offensive
A sustained attempt at bcommunitying to blogging the everyday things of beauty that may otherwise go undetected. This is a campaign. It will have good days and bad days. And it is written by a Seahorse, ...

Handmade Rag Baskets
I make rag baskets as a hobby when I have the energy. I don't make any money at basketmaking, probably don't even cover costs. But, I do it because I can make them when I feel well, even if it's for a ...

A collection of my short stories and poems. I was just recently told I have fibromyalgia.

Body of Work
Digital art, photos and words. My blog is an exploration of the reality of living with disabling pain: the blood and guts of it, the complexity of it, the weirdness and the work. I also visually explore ...

Energy Sparks
Feeling energised by creativity, while living with M.E.

Son of Alva
Sporadic musings of a grumpy old man living with chronic fatigue since 1997.

Pippa's Long Stockings
Living with ME in the UK, Pippa tries to have a 'life' by finding fun through creativity.

Looking Up
A view of the world from Tim Rushby-Smith, artist, writer, and a fully qualified paraplegic following a fall from a tree in 2005.

Philippa's Photography
A photography blog by a disabled and chronically ill photographer.

Random Thoughts and Pictures
Random thoughts and pictures from an energy-challenged photographer

Jazzie S.
An on going progress of my art work, including but not limited toL pastel/watercolor/charcoal/Chinese brush paintings, figurative sculptures, crafts, and poems by my friends

A Comic Life, Indeed
A comic look at chronic illness, in a comic! The sad, but true, but funny tale of one girl, her hundred something diseases, and the medical system that couldn't handle any of it.


Two extroverted friends who try to chronicle the ideals, philosophies, experiences and thoughts they share and hold separately. They diverge from the common and head straight towards individuality, above ...