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A blog and community featucommunity the talented steampunk artists and crafters of Etsy's Steam Team. Etsy's Steam Team is home to the best in handmade and one of a kind steampunk, victorian, and neo-victorian creations. To find our members on Etsy, simply search the tags for "steamteam." What is steampunk? Think of: airships, brass, copper, cogs, gears, H.G. Wells, goggles, Abney Park, the Victorian era, neo-victorian design, steam engines, gothic, clockwork, Jules Verne, Mary Shelley, aviation, alternate history, Edwardian era, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Fullmetal Alchemist, the Industrial Revolution, corsets, spats, bustles, His Dark Materials (The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife and the Amber Spyglass), Phillip Pullman, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Wicked, Metropolis, The City of Lost Children, retro-futurism, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Down & Dirty: stumble down the rabbit hole
A blog which explores a little of everything: music, art, the paranormal, culture, crafts, fashion, literature & film with a focus on the goth, industrial, steampunk, rockabilly and punk cultures as well ...

Needle Tatting and other Nonsense
The musings of a tattooed needle tatter and etsy addict.

MyFairyBabies Blog
My random blog-Hyla

Esty Steam Team Blog
Team Blog Interviews of our Steamy Members and their Steamy Shops

Ye Wenchie's Random Babbleings
Mainly about my creations (mad crafter experiments) with my shop on etsy. This will include keeping up with recent creations and just how much work goes into perfecting my items. As well as highlighting ...

Choklit Chanteuse: Musings
Ephemera, musings and other diversions from Choklit Chanteuse, maker of adornments for tarts...

Fatal Attraction
Blog It Baby! The comings and goings over at Fatal Attraction and Chloe Jewels. Rock'n Steampunk connections and nature inspired precious metal and gemstone jewelry. Jewlz for the soul and info for ...

ChaoticlyCreative by ZKitten!
Chaotic Creations, running all over the board in types, styles, and things! Winged Things, Steampunk, Gothic, Alternative Accessories, Unique Jewelry, Hard to Find Findings, Strange Containers, And More! Custom ...

Dark Twist Fiber Co.
Wittily woven whimsies and oddments abound. If it involves stcommunity, there's a good chance I've dabbled in it. The products of my creative drive are generally expunged here. Includes links to my blog ...

Snicker Snack
An eclectic mix of reflections on art, writing, and life, plus anything else I feel like. Recent topics and photos include my jewelry made with vintage buttons, vintage goodies, steampunk style, Etsy, ...

Manufactucommunity Myth
Craftings and musings of an off kilter artist.

A Secret History (Theriaca Fina)
I spend long hours in my laboratory, crafting neo-Victorian steampunk curiosities from found objects and antiquities. My workshop contains antique brass pipework, gears and spcommunitys, organs and specimens ...

The pinkhare home f Clayfaery
Just what I make sometimes how i make it.

Steam Powered Communitys
A blog about the steampunk genre and my steampunk communitys

Behind The Door Of Room 3
room3designs blog

The Grand Design
Some of my favourite photos and lots of shameless self promotion.

Orpheus Alchemy
The blog of Fyriel, owner of Orpheus Alchemy, A crypto-historian's curio shop. I'll be posting art and all of my outings to various themed events. As well as an occasional interesting tidbit.

Steampunk Jewelry by DreamSteam
My blog about my unique and beautiful steampunk jewelry and items for sale on Etsy, and subjects theretof. Dreaming of gears since 2008!

Allie's Antiqued Adornments
Unique jewelry and creations made with vintage and antique buttons.

Welcome gentle traveller to this, our offering to you, of the findings and happenings in a Steamier world. This blog will be a voice and a record of interesting design, exciting events and hopefully useful ...