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 A glimpse into the rich culture of Swedish community


The Scandinavian country of Sweden has a distinct culture of its own. Open to different cultural influences, Sweden is divided into 25 provinces which have their own distinct cultural history, but combine to give one special Swedish community.


The Swedish community has Swedish as its national language. Sami is one of the oldest ethnic communities of Sweden. Due to recent developments, this Swedish community of Sami has moved to south and Stockholm.  


The Swedish community practices a common Lutheran religion. The key feature of its people is their egalitarian nature and humbleness. Only a few percent of the population attend church services. But they do celebrate Christmas and Easter. The events of baptism, marriage and christening are family affairs in the Swedish community.


Due to its isolation from the European culture, the Swedish community has its own traditional handicrafts and art motifs. The breakthrough in design and architecture was achieved in 1930s. Architects like Gunnar Asplund and Gregor Paulsson took the influences of the Swedish community to new heights and built the famous District Court House in Solveborg.


The contemporary art and traditional spring exhibitions in Liljevalches Gallery in Stockholm, historical motifs at Gothenburg Art Museum, art work in oil depicting local peasant culture and sculptures are good depictions of this community.


Mention of Sweden is incomplete without the mention of Nobel Prize. It is given on 10th of December every year for excellence in the field of Peace, Chemistry, Physics, Literature, Physiology and Medicine. Many reputed writers like Selma Lagerlöf, August Strindberg and Astrid Lindgren have been conferred with this prestigious award for their excellence in the field of Literature.


The Swedish community is greatly influenced by music. Cultural events, national concerts, theater or cinema forms the integral part of the society of Sweden. Institute for National Concerts (INC) and The Royal Music Authority are the famous institutions for musical activities in Sweden. Swedish festivals like Walpurgis Night, Midsummer's eve, Advent and Lucia are the much cherished festivals celebrated by the Swedish Community.

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