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Monte Ne - The Lost Resort of 'Coin' Harvey
Photos taken before the Lost Resort (Monte Ne) was covered by the waters of Beaver Lake on the White River in northwest Arkansas near Rogers. Coin Harvey wanted to build a 130 foot tall obelisk in 1930 ...

Fryer Bridge - Unique Arkansas 'Iron' Bridge Built in 1890
The 'Fryer Bridge' across the East Fork of Point Remove Creek in Conway County, Arkansas, is still in use after more than 100 years of service. These photos show the beauty of the green creek bottom land ...

Enchanted Rock
This large granite outcrop in the west central hill country of Texas near Fredericksburg is said to be haunted with mysterious sounds just as evening falls. Even old people such as my wife and me are ...

Coral Castle - Mystery of Coral Construction in South Florida
A jilted beau built this memorial to his sweetheart single-handedly carving, lifting, moving, and placing coral blocks weighing hundreds of pounds into the amazing structure you'll find depicted in these ...

Fort Jefferson on Dry Tortugas Island Off Key West
A fort originally intended to protect U.S. trade in the Gulf of Mexico coming around the tip of Florida, Fort Jefferson became a prison during the Civil War era and held the infamous Dr. Mudd after the ...

The Cigar Box
A "box" of unique, novel photos to thumb through. Nature photography - bugs, plants, etc. and a few people.

Sydney's Circular Quay
A photo page. Views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the Circular Quay and views of Sydney from the quay with views of the opera house and other sites around the quay.