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If you're a woman with something to say, this is the ring for you! Rant, rave, wax poetic, tell us a story--you get the idea. Be seen, be heard, be fierce--be a Blogland Babe!

Life Makes Me Laugh . . .
Funny stories as a result of an eternal optimist's view of life. There is always a silver lining, even if you have to dig through a hundred yards of fabric to find it.

Cirque De Imelda
Imelda Bootstross is the Ring Mistress of The Cirque De Imelda. Much Circus Trickery and Death Defying Action in Ballet Boots. Private tuition for those wanting to learn the art of walking ...

A Gift Shop Is For Life Not Just For Christmas
More than the sum of these parts; Wife. Mother. Gift Shop Owner. Newbie Blogger.

The Road to Here
A mix of photography and writing, heavy emphasis on the photos.

Musings From Harmonie House
Harmonie House...where it's always 1918. Come by for a cup of tea!

Between Time and Dreams
Transparency - is what this blog is all about. Tearing down the superficial, phony, politically correct, proper, cordial, fake, exhausting way of doing things and just being who you are- being real. Having ...

at my kitchen table
Lots has happened to me while sitting at the kitchen table -- report cards approved, allowance paid out, acceptances from universities poured over, wedding plans planned then called off, travel brochures, ...

Frogs in Trees
Ramblings about life, parenting, and being a woman in our messed up world.

Journals and photos of my adventures of exploring awe inspiring places, interesting people and specialty dishes that tempted my palate.

I do not like this job
First time mom, wife, house wife - not loving the role of stay at home mom but getting on with it and sometimes finding humor in it too.

Something I Wanted To Tell You
Rants, raves, poems, short stories, me, myself, and Morrissey! Come on in and get to know me! This is the on-line home for my words but you can post your own here as well if you like. Feel free to post ...

It's Complicated
I'm simple yet horribly complicated. I'm content but currently unhappy with where I'm stuck. I'm serious but mostly silly. I know nothing about pretty much everything outside my bubble. I'll laugh to ...

Camera Commune
This is the on-line home of my photography. I hope to start an on-line community based on a mutual respect of photography as an art form and our need as humans to capture the beauty of life that surrounds ...

Lavendilly House
Lavendilly House is my home, my business and my inspiration. Here I wish to share with you my heart's work.

Freedom of Thought
The place where I am free to think out loud - whatever I want, whether foolish or intelligent.

Step into my office...
I just talk about my day to day life and occasionally touch on my opinions about big issues like feminism and other social conflicts.

Mademoiselle de Paris Bitches About
Ramblings on life and cyber life by a crazy French female who can speak English without saying 'ze' instead of 'the'....;)

Suicide, Unlimited
A collection of everything, really- random thoughts and stories, whatever I happen to come up with. I'm surrently working on a new story; which reminds me, I need to go post the next part. Check it out, ...

This Time Tomorrow
I made a list of 101 creative things to do to help me get over my quirks of being a procrastinator and a perfectionist at the same time. I'm also using the 101 list to help me work through PTSD (post ...

A Diary Left Open
Poetry, philosophy, musings, and amusing memoir entries from a San Diego video producer, mountain biker, lover, adventuress, politico and poet. I'm the founder of original "Team Bad Girlz."

I'm a recent college graduate that wants to share recipes, products I love and ofcourse a little bit about my life.

The Makeup Snob
A beauty blog that highlights whats great in beauty. Comparing drugstore items to high end comparibles and more! Oth4er random interests are thrown in sometimes too..

the littlest mouse
Disneyland fun! :]

Dementia for 2
My life with my 92 year old grandmother. Any other rambling thoughts that come into my mind.

Musings from the Texas Hill Country
Life and glass fusing from deep in the heart of Texas

Luxury Indulgence
A one-stop blog sharing years of fine dining, luxury shopping & adventurous fusion cooking experience, plus bringing you the latest Sale Events & Contests.

Learning to Walk the Walk
I never thought I'd actually have an idea for a real blog. I mean, I've tried a few times before, but somehow, useless gibberish about what I've done everyday is not something I want to use to connect ...

Urban Female Gamer
My blog is all about the world of games and what I love about it! I write reviews on all the games I've played, some retro, some new and some which are in between!


Ink Blot
The ups and downs of having an imagination.

J'adore Zipporah
A playful, witty, and provocative take on everything from sex and relationships to fashion and entertainment. Come and join the discussion!

17 Syllable News
News, Commentary, and Reviews all in haiku form! Entertaining and original! Throw in your own 17 syllables!

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Douche Fish
This is a blog dedicated to my navigation of the treacherous seas known as online dating. All of the stories are real. Trust me, you couldn't make some of this up. Follow me as I go on painful, yet hilarious ...

Challenge Venus or Advance Your Worth
Intelligence implementation offensive or the adventures of a 40-something girl going back to school and trying to get her BA in English and American Studies in four semesters while finishing her first ...

Some Chocolate Covered Random Thoughts
I write just about random things. About people i know and meet, things I see, things I crave, how I feel, etc. I love to write. And this helps me when I have no one to talk to.