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Community for Hogwarts students and staff participating in HSKS5

Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap 5
Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap - 5!

Centy Knits

daisy scrimgeour
my blog as a first year student at Hogwarts

Emma's knitting corner
My little knitting corner at Hogwarts

Educating Eleanor
my school days at Hogwarts!

Wisteria's Whimsical World
Welcome to my whimsical world, full of flowers, fun and anything purple. Follow my adventure at Hogwarts School.

Chrysta the Cursed
My character blog for the Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap

calliope's caudron
I am a first year student at Hogwarts

Lavender Knits
Lavender Ackerly's blog for HSKS

Ferula's Fen

Knitting The Galaxy
Knitting adventures in the Snake Pit

Second year student of HSKS5 and proud Slytherin!

Enid Black

It's Good to Be Queen

Tainted Black Knits

Ophelia Ballycastle
First Year Gryffindor Ophelia Ballycastle

Happenings at Hogwarts

Antonio dela Weasley
The home of 2nd year Hufflepuff student Antonio dela WEasley

Electra the Enchanting's Knits

Ursula Longbottom

Miranda Moonstone
Miranda Moonstone marvels at the Muggles....

Kwikspell Konfections
Minerva Kwikspell, 2nd Year and Ravenclaw Head Girl. Minee runs a Kandy and Konfection shoppe out of Ravenclaw Tower, because trips to Hogsmeade are far and few between.

Andromache Tonks

Cassandra Puddlemere