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Community dedicated to survival and disaster preparedness. We will be ready when the SHTF.

Be A Survivor! (the Survivalists HQ)
Survival and disaster preparedness blog. We also do book, equipment and movie reviews on survival and disaster related items.

Keep It Simple Survival
Survival tips, news, prep ideas, and an occasional rant or two. THE blog for the freedom loving prepper....

The Healthy Survivor
Our mission is to inform you about staying healthy, alternative treatments to health conditions and diseases, alternative energy and general self-reliance. Let us be your road map for self-sufficiency ...

Utah Preppers
Central hub for Utah Preppers/Survivalists/Woodsmen and like-minded individuals

Everyday Prepper
Everyday prepping for everyday preppers Why another blog? Because Iím a new everyday prepper and what better way is there to learn and help others learn than by shacommunity my experiences along the ...

Circle of the Oroborous
Dragons views on survival, Prepping, sustainability with some DIY, archery and Black Powder thrown in.

Abraham's Blog
Suburban survival for the simple covecommunity the economy, preparedness, firearms, cooking, food storage, wild edibles, wildlife, politics, business, camping, war and peace. The struggle of living a ...

Prepare!: Tips to survive the end of the world
Tips, hints and information for the new generation of survivalists. Simple things all of us can do today to prepare ourselves for the the changing hard times ahead.

Code Name Bullseye
Survival, Off-grid, thoughts on world events, Guns, Ammo, Food Storage,Self reliance,Garden,chicken,goats,ducks and what ever else comes to my attention

Stealth Survival
Survival and preparedness.

The Survival Spot Blog
Learn to survive anything with FREE information & downloads from our survival blog. Every survivalist needs to know about preparedness, survival, self-reliance, and self-sufficiency.

Prepared For Survival
Every day life of a work at home mom who is trying to get her family prepared. Tons of tips , ideas, storage ideas, stockpiling, and more.

Tiny Pallet House
Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Shelter Plans

Something Wicked Comes
The evil grows, like a noxious weed, feeding on the human spirit. It wants to devour us; its hunger is unsated by the death and destruction that it unleashes.

An Unsheltered Life
One rather-large family's tales of survival in rural Texas.

American Preppers Network
Directory and blog of all 50 State Prepper Networks

The Conspirator
News items, products, and articles concerning survivalism, government concerns, camping, and subversion.

A blog dealing with survivalism, self-determination, disaster preparedness, homesteading and a variety of other subjects.

Clinging to the raft
Self Reliance, Self Teaching, Self Preservation

Wolfe's Blog
Wolfe's Blog - learning how to do things yourself, getting off the grid, and back to the land. Survivalist Blog.

Survival Times
Collected RSS Feeds of Survival Blogs all in one place, ADD YOURS!

massachussetts preppers network
seeking to inform or awaken mass residents

Confessions of an Overworked Mom
I'm 42, married and the mother of two children (15&11). We live in rural Vermont on a small homestead. We believe in living as simply as we can to prepare for what comes. We believe in simple living and ...

Old Lightning
Country Living and making do

The Black Bus
Living a more free life away from the rat race and getting prepared

Adventures in Self Reliance
Whatever I want to blog about relating to self reliance, preparedness, food storage, gardening, food preservation, firearms, survivalism, etc.

Living for End Times
Surviving and thriving in an apocalypse.

WorldInfoCD.com - Survival & Preparedness Information
WorldInfoCD.com provides the best disaster survival, emergency preparedness, and defensive firearm information on the internet. From emergency preparedness menu-driven informational CD's to information ...

A potpourri of things American as I see them.

Possum Living
Survivalism, with a slant toward tossing it all and living in a cheap pickup camper.

Green Surviving
A blog about our journey to homesteading and survival in these times in a more natural way.

Readiness Today!
A site where you can learn simple readiness and preparedness techniques. Not extreme, not weak - just right stuff for learning to survive or cope with events that will arise in the future.