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A blog community for those who live within the ideals of The Continuum Concept.

Sensible Living
Inspired by a more natural, non coercive way of parenting and living.

a hippie with a minivan...
my life... parenting, unschooling, cooking, sewing and whatever else comes to mind...

Living in Harmony
My ramblings about raising my daughter in a respectful environment and in a more natural way.

Salento Blog
Family life in an olive grove in southern Italy

Alternative Family Travel
A blog and forum covecommunity all aspects of alternative travel for alternative families

Baby food blog
A brand new blog about introducing real food to little ones

Lucy's natural parenting blog
My blog is aimed at others who are trying to live and bcommunity up their children in a loving, natural and instinctive way, and who are inspired by the ideas within the The Contintuum Concept and by ...

A Happy Childhood Lasts Forever
A blog about our family and our adventures as we live life and learn stuff.

The Amazing Adventures of Pottywoman
A sort of EC themed journal with other random thoughts, emotional outbursts and parenting insights thrown in for good measure. By a stay at home, breastfeeding, bedshacommunity, babyweacommunity Mama of ...

My first child inspired me to find the connections between peace, community, and motherhood. My second reminds me to just stay sane. On my site I write about my bumpy path to peaceful parenting.

Holistic Mama
...kitchen herbalist, homesteader, intuitive mother, nature lover, baby-wearer, bohemian, unschooler, ponderer, conscious consumer, hemp weaver, listener, nomad, bookworm...

Thoughts on Continuum Concept Parenting, nutrition, birth, pregnancy, etc.
My thoughts on The Continuum Concept Parenting, pregnancy, birth, health care & Nutrition, this all in our society and neighbourhood, where judgements are all over the place:-) . Some will agree, others ...

Ellens Blog
Dutch blog from a mother on her way to joyful parenting!

Bubble and Squeak
Join me on my unschooling adventures with my two girls 6 and 3, and dear other half as we live a child-centered, natural parenting, slow life in the French Alps.

Appreciating life as a mother and learning every day.

Mountain Bugs
We are an unschooling family, romping and explocommunity in the alpine forests of Canada. You'll find us blogging about creating, reading, connecting with nature, living simply, and parenting mindfully ...

Unschooling Lifestyle
Before attachment parenting, Jean Liedloff presented the continuum concept. In her book, The Continuum Concept (Da Capo Press, 1986), Jean Liedloff described a peaceful way of living with children, observed ...

We are Messyfish, Mr Messyfish and Little Messyfish. We are discovering and recovering our creative selves in a small country cottage in the Southern Highlands NSW Australia. We have recently transformed ...

Creating Our Sentient Family
Our blog is soon to be full of thoughts on the way we live, naturally, with gratitude and love. Our ideas stem from experiences, and we focus on topics like: Living the Continuum Concept in modern times, ...

Want a Miracle - CC in Portugal
I'm a mother of a 14 months boy and i had the opportunity to read the Continuum Concept during my pregnancy. The knowledge of the Yequana life completely changed the way I see birth, children, mothers, ...