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This community offers the opportunity to develop a community of like-minded homeschoolers who believe education is not about what a child can do but what they need ... not about proving their capabilities but touching their souls.

knitting the wind
We are a homeschooling family using various child-centered methods.

Schooling from the heart
We are a homeschooling family mixing our natural curiosity for the world with Waldorf methods, unschooling, and other ideas.

Forever Learning
This is my homeschool blog. So far I've attempted school-at-home and unschooling. The children and I are beginning a new school year with new ideas, renewed spirits and a little trepidation. (Mostly, on ...

Serendipity Academy
We are holistic classical unschoolers who love learning and living a richly simple life.

Poppy & Mei Days...
Starting again in the land of OZ...

Renaissance Mama
Daily life living and learning with the people I love

Bohos by the Sea
The daily musings of an eclectic home-schooling family living by the sea in Essex, UK

Homeschooling in the Garden State
I am a full time SAHM, homeschooling my 6 year old daughter in New Jersey. Trying to do better and live greener every day. I believe play is the real work of childhood.

Homeschool Hive
We work to weave our homeschool days around our faith, our desert climate, and our mountain landscape using a variety of holistic educational methods.

For Our Children
Bible stories, lessons, online picture book, poetry, sing-along, karaoke, Christmas play, and online puzzles pre-k and up.

Learn and LAPHH with us at Syrendell! L = Love A = Abundance P = Peace H = Health H = Happiness Homelearning, music, art, nature.

Home Baked Education
Adventures of a little home educating family from the UK

The Little Travelers
musings on raising global citizens

Bohos in the Country
musings of a home educating family in the wilds of North Essex, UK

homeschooling, attachment parenting, living gently on the earth

mommyweirdest blog
A website about homeschooling our toddler, spirituality, and trying to live a simple life. Maybe?

Making Honeybee
We are a family enjoying Steiner (Waldorf) education in Australia, exploring our big, wide beautiful land, enjoying friendships and family, raising backyard hens, and celebrating the seasons. This is how ...

Appreciating life as a mother and learning every day. I am blessed to be mothering a beautiful little soul born after ivf. ...

Just Plain Livin
I am homeschooling mother to three amazing children and wife to one incredible man. We homeschool to escape the hustle and bustle that goes along with school as well as the mainstream Go Go Go lifestyle ...

ordinary life magic
This blog is so many things to me - it's a place for a Mama to record the magic of childhood. A place to capture wonder and learning and growing and Becoming - trying grasp it and keep the moment close ...

Winding circle life school.
Hello, We are a family of five from Australia who are homeschooling our 3 amazing daughters using natural learning/child lead methods (or unschooling).We truly believe that children learn best when they ...