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A Blog Community for any and all bloggers who consider themselves a part of the new progressive majority that will lead America into the 21st century. A place for discussions and posts about politics, current affairs, public policy, social issues, government, service of all kinds, and any and all positive additions to the discussion about how we can move our nation and world forward. Our goal is to create a more just and socially responsible world that raises the standard of living for all people.

am a law student at the University of Pennsylvania. I am extremely concerned about social justice, the environment, and politics. I hope readers of this blog will find informed, critical posts that will ...

Fearless History
A historically-based look at politics and society with a distinctly liberal/libertarian bend. All opinions welcome.

The Progressive Pen
A liberal progressive covecommunity political, economic, and social issues.

Palintology.tv: Satirizing Sarah Science
A satirical website devoted to Sarah Palin, her views on science, and her inevitable 2012 presidential run.

Center Left
We are a collaborative effort of several bloggers who have joined together to provide diffecommunity views and styles while maintaining our common goal of promoting equality and acceptance for all!

My Political Side
I have been a liberal Democrat all my life. I grew up under Presidents Johnson and Nixon. I owe many of my life's advantages to President Johnson's Great Society programs, and I owe my cynicism--as so ...