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Social community: Its Uses, Applications, and Its Features

Social Community Building with the help of networking is considered to be one of the most revolutionary applications of Internet. This media enhances communication anytime and anywhere. The social networking websites is considered to be a unique platform in the process of social community building. The best part about these sites is that, it has numerous applications implemented on one platform that is easily available for anyone to use. Very famous websites like Facebook and MySpace are apt examples of social community building platform.

Internet is a very powerful tool that is used for networking and communication building, all around the world.  Social Community Building applications can be found in various fields such as:

  • To enhance communication among different organizations.
  • For sharing of information
  • To configure applications of various kinds that can be used frequently.
  • To provide a platform of various parameters in order to help in networking and development.

Use of social community for its application in business:

  • Low cost connectivity for small businesses and new entrepreneurs
  • Acts as a promising tool for better customer relationship management.
  • An effective platform for advertising and promotions
  • Online platform for communication among virtual business communities.

Use of social community for its application in social community building:


  • Enable people to get to know each other and develop friendship.
  • Enable posting of various media files like videos, music and text that pertains to a particular interest of the user and imparts information.
  • Enables the posting of news and other informative topics of interest.

Some of the general features of a social networking site are as follows:

  • Personalized user profiles along with details of the user.
  • Administration control over the use of the site by various users for different purposes
  • Search features to find topics of interest.
  • Forums and groups for users.
  • Uploading different files like music, videos and images.
  • Posting of blogs.

Thus, at the end of the day social community building and its various applications of development revolves around spreading awareness about a flood of topics, individuals, products and services, development and networking, all in one.

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