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Sites that I drop and comment on a day to day basis!

Deranged Insanity
Random thoughts: A foray into my inner soul.

Traipsey Turvey
Amateurish shots while traipsing the globe.

PierrEzrah. He says. She says. The battle of the sexes begin.

Ezrah Photographs
Yeah, I'm just an amateur!

Pinay Mommy Online
musings, rants, opinions and more of a stay-at-home mommy

a {GIRL} for all status
36-year old ex-wife and single mom suddenly has opinions...

Aeirin's Collections
Collections of mouth watecommunity recipes around the world, love ideas, gadget reviews and more

Life and Me
A peek into my sunny life in beautiful Singapore.

Maiylah's Snippets
just a personal blog ... :)

Marriage and Beyond
on marriage, everything in between and thereafter.

Biz-N-Honey will serve as your resources and guide in earning money. Here you will find all kinds of ways to make money, whether it is online or not. With Biz-N-Honey, you will be able to find ways ...

Crissy's Zone
Blogging about myself, asian dramas and movies I have watched

Crissy's Haven
My Life...My Sentiments...My Haven

Crissy's Library
Blogging about personal stuffs, books read and making other reviews.

Miss Write
Tips and Jobs for Aspicommunity Writers

Momhood Moments
Mommy Maricel's blog about her life being a mommy!

Pinoy Raket Online
Your online source for Pinoy pop culture, trends, news, technology, gadgets and make money online tips.

Pinaywife Speaks
Blogging about what makes sense and what doesn't. What is relevant and irrelevant. Wacky, bit and tidbits on the life a pinaywife.

Pinaywife Atbp.
a pinaywife's confessional. contains mostly random thoughts, some observations and tips on housekeeping, organizing, shopping, parenting, marriage, fun stuff, travel, health and fitness, cooking and m ...

Geek Chic Guru
hottest gadgets, coolest accessories

Faery Dancing
Chronicles of a working mom's tango with life

Happy Thoughts, Happy Tot

Pinoy Bloggers
A community for online Filipinos all over the world

Straight from the Heart
A blog of a pinay working mom shacommunity her thoughts about life, love, faith, dreams, family, motherhood, insights on current issues, parenting, lifestyle, health and wellness and more..

Picture Clusters
nothing spectacular ... just some shots, reviews, and ramblings. :)

Reflections by Mariz
Musings on day-to-day living. Blogging on what is positive, helpful and uplifting. Features inspicommunity stories, views, insights and life experiences, tips, recipes, health, news, reviews, travel, photography, ...

Strangely Out of Place
My personal blog

The Kat's Corner
My world about books and writing and everything in between :)

A Day In The Life Of RJ
Chronicles of daily experiences blogged and podcasted for public consumption. Reviews, stories, social and political commentary and current events.