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This community is dedicated to the Native Americans of all nations. If you relate in any way to the Native ways, have a Native American homepage or site please join in our community of Peace, Love, and Harmony. This is just another forum for uniting and shacommunity with the world our views, teachings, religions, and spirituality.

Canada Revisited: Chapter One
Come here, we got it all. Learn about Native Americans. Take our test to see how well you have done. We got legends, picture galleries, theories, and many more. Heck we even have background music. ...

Skydancer's Heart
A Native American site done with thoughts of my husband

The Warrior
A site i made for a very special Cherokee sis of mine.

The Circle
A site i made from a poem created my a very special sis of mine

House of Love
We try to share ourselves with others...we speak of the environment, animals, memorials, dedications and of course a good Native American page.{;}{;}thank you...*s*{;}

I am a metis wabanaki singer of indian traditional-rock and personal compositions.This site contains my C.D. in Real Player format, pictures of gigs and traductions of indian songs in english.{;}

Native American Winter
{;}100% native american

Beads In To Beautiful Wildlife Beadwork For You And A Whole LOt More.
{;}Beautiful Shoshone-Bannock made one of a kind genuine native american made contemporary beadwork on large medium and small items are just waiting for you to order.

Off of the Blue Highways in My Mind
A personal site which focuses primarily on the following: info about the Dine'h in AZ and related links, the push for a Native American holiday which is long overdue, links to a petition to free leonard ...

Skydancer's Home
Native American site thats a great place to relax or chat with friends{;}

snowbirds relics
site contains native armerican relics i have had the good fortune to find and also native american crafts that i make myself along with many links to other artifact sites

Native American Wisdom & Beauty
A large collection of Native American poems, legends, prayers, humor and much more.