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A community for blogs that are primarily devoted to women of color that wear their hair in its natural or "napptural" state* and like to blog about it. Fros, textured (not texturized) do's, locs, etc., welcome. *sans chemicals and texturizers **JULY 2009: Note to those who would like to become members of this ring. You must have the site code and include the ringsurf code (meaning the link back to ringsurf) in order for ringsurf checks to keep you in the member category.

Napp Ivy Bush
My journey to long, healthy, nappy hair.

From Relaxed to Boing!
A journey blog dedicated to my natural hair experience.

Natural hair help

Going 2 Natural
A Journey to natural hair

a blog about my hair and my health

This is a niche forum that caters to all the nappies whose hair would never be mistaken for “good” hair. It’s not wavy nappy or curly nappy. It’s just plain ‘ole nappy hair. We’re most likely to think ...

Aziza Beauty
Aziza caters to you with an eclectic mix of natural hair care and skin care pampecommunity products. We provide a diverse selection of quality natural beauty products for all Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, ...

Diary of a Queen - Back to Her Roots
A chronicle of my journey back to my naturally ,beautiful, curly hair

All Naptural
All Naptural is Dedicated to the Maintenance and Styling of Natural Hair

Kinky Rhonnie
Provides information on natural hair products, herbs, regimens, and products to avoid.

A Beautiful You, A Beautiful Me
Natural Hair Care, Skin Care and Fitness.

The life of times of a natural 4a/b product junkie on a budget. Come view tips, tutorials, and product reviews while I embark on my healthy hair journey.

Miss Moon's Musings
I call my blog, "the rantings, ramblings and revelations of your average Brooklyn Geechee".... what's a brooklyn geechee, you ask? Mosey on over to my blog to find out. You will also read me discussing ...

Afroniquely You
Natural hair care demystified. Learn everything about natural hair care, tips, styles, up-keep all here!

The Randoms of a 20something
My ramblings

Nappturally Speaking - A blog about my natural journey and me
This is a progressing blog about my natural hair journey and my life. My goal is to inspire and uplift others make the decision to go natural or continue their natural journey.

On the Road to Queendom
On the Road to Queendom is a loc, dreadlock, natural hair, beauty website dedicated to sisters who are currently loc'd or who are on their way to becoming naturally free. We encourage, support, and uplift ...

Homemade beauty soap, soap, handmade soap, lavender soap
Homemade beauty that you will find a secrets beauty which easy for doing at home. such as soap recipes, Bath soap, shampoo & Treatment hair, Oil massages,creams,etc.

(The Handmade Project)
Ever the Girl Scout, I wear my heavily-badged sash proudly, earning merits as an eighties baby; fourth-generation kitchen gadget junkie; resident chef; felt and hot glue lover; African American mom and ...