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A HodgePodge collection of unusual Internet museums and collections. Includes unusual collections from Wooden Nickels to Antique Typewriters, and almost everything in between.

Wooden Nickel Museum
The Wooden Nickel Historical Museum has the world's largest collection of Wooden Nickels. See pictures of various Wooden Nickels from the long history and many uses of Wooden Nickels, such as souvenirs, ...

Comptometer - Biography of a Machine
Comptometer - Biography of a Machine {;} The Comptometer, together with trained operators, comprised THE back office data processing system of the early 20th century. It was used by far more large businesses ...

The Airbrush Museum
We feature the history of the airbrush from its invention in the 1880's to the present time. Airbrush innovations are detailed with a plethora of patent illustrations, pictures and a wealth of information. ...

an encyclopedia & museum of novelty & variety performers & showfolk: sideshow, freakshow, vaudeville, medicine show, circus, grindshow, carnival, dime museum, girlshow, etc. From the arms of Barnum's Fiji ...

Toilet Seat Art Museum
Artistically decorated Toilet Seat Lids. Each one is individually designed and numbered. There are over 500 different in the collection and more are being produced every week.

Cigar Box Art
Collection of cigar box art. These are the pictures that were on the inside of the cigar box.

Martin's Owl Collection
Owls, Owls, and more Owls.

The Virtual Toilet Paper Museum
A full-featured museum celebrating that lowly substance that plays such a major role (or {;}should that be "roll"?) in our daily lives. We offer myriad specimens from the common to the {;}exceeding rare, ...

Furnace Sticker Museum
Furnace cleaning stickers taken off old furnaces dating from the 1940's, 50's and 60's. Featucommunity "Power-Vac" trucks.

American Icon, American Collectible - The Classic Sunbeam Mixmaster
"The mixer America grew up with" - the complete story of 20th Century America's most popular kitchen appliance, and the man who made it happen, from its birth to the last of its classic breed.

Lacy Glass Buttons
An informational site showing some of the prettiest antique glass buttons you've ever seen! They're called Lacy Glass, come see why! Molded in handmade iron molds, carrying sharp detail and featucommunity ...

British Lawnmower Museum
The Britsh Lawnmower Museum houses a collection of over 200 pristine exhibits which depitcs British Engineecommunity at its best.{;}Enter the fascinating world of this award winning internationally famous ...

Vintage Pix: Images of Women in the Past
Private collection of antique photos and humorous vintage postcards of women in the late 19th and early 20th centuries: courtship and marriage, women at work, Merry Widow hats, studio props, flappers and ...

Melvyn Wright's World of Vintage Slot Machines
This site is a museum of classic British penny-in-the-slot machines of the 1930s to 1960s. There is also an extensive section devoted to Bryans machines

Dan's Matchbox Picture Pages
Over one thousand pictures of Matchbox cars, featucommunity the Premiere series, Matchbox Collectibles, new 1-100 series, and old 1-75 series regular wheel and superfast vehicles. Also includes links to ...

The Toilet Museum
Take a stroll through a world of toilets with your curator, Burt Stark. You are sure to be moved.

Graham Barker's Navel Fluff Collection
The incredible world of navel fluff (lint), featucommunity the world's biggest and longest-term collection of an individual's navel fluff, with photos and an online survey you can take part in.

Ronald Dupont Jr.'s Elongated Coins
Photographs of personal collection of elongated (squished) coins.

Toaster Museum Foundation
A site devoted to educating, entertaining, and enlightening visitors about the history and cultural importance of the bread toaster.

The Old Calculator Web Museum
A Web-based museum specializing in preserving, documenting, and shacommunity information about late electromechanical and early electronic calculators, from the early 1950's, through the late 1970's. ...

David Dahle's Powerline webpage
A small photo gallery of old power line construction and substation photos.

Pezananda's Fantasy Free Pez Page
A site with pictures and descriptions of my PEZ dispenser collection, now more than 545 strong!

The COMWEB Museum
The museum pages of Canada's retired Foreign Service Communicators.

My Tissue Box Cover Collection
My collection of wacky and unusual tissue box covers! Animals, faces, and more. :)

Post Mark Museum
The Post Mark Museum is the largest single collection of post marks and postal history items in the world. It is located in Bellevue, Ohio and sponsored by the Post Mark Collectors Club.

The Fisher Museum of Automotive Art
The personal collectiong of automobile drawings by Derrek Fisher between 1989 to present. Comments welcome and encouraged.