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Grizzly Groundswell, Awaken, Stand up, and step into action

Wake Up America
If it is right, it will serve as a guide to direct; if wrong as a beacon to warn. Come join the conversation about politics, the war, terrorism, the global warming hoax, and other issues of the day.

Socialist Squirrel
Chase around the Socialist Squirrel and even though their antics are humorous, they can be devestating to Freedom and bcommunity only Tyranny. Help us Chase them out of our institutions and our government ...

Grizzly Groundswell
The Grizzly Groundswell is owned and created by Mr. Chad T.(Teddy Bear) Everson. You are invited to join the Grizzly Groundswell movement and become an author Awakened to the threat of Socialism that must ...

ARRA News Service
ARRA News Service reporting relevant news reflecting the ideals of the Arkansas Republican Assembly (ARRA) - Home of social, & moral & fiscal Conservative Arkansans who believe in God, family & country ...

Reagan Conservative uses clear, rational, & legal analysis with humor to bcommunity out the truth in current political issues with the end result of the truth being raised.