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If you are a blogger who blogs about autism, please join so that we may form more connections in the blogosphere! More connections = more resources. You may be autistic, parents of autistic children, a researcher, a special ed teacher, or be related to or a friend of someone who has been diagnosed PDD-NOS, Asperger's, or elsewhere on the autistic spectrum. But You Must be a Blogger and you must blog about autism! Websites or forums about autism are Not Blogs; there is a different CommunitySurf community for websites. Blogs which sell autism merchandise or services are not permitted in this ring. AND PLEASE - DON'T FORGET to put the CommunitySurf code into your blog template, or CommunitySurf won't allow me to approve you!!!

The home site of the Autism Bloggers community, and site of Moi....member of the Liberal Coalition, a musician and teacher....

Parenting A Complex Child
Parenting A Complex Child is about adapting and communicating with your child. Much of the information is relevant to Autism because my son experiences the dual diagnosis Autism and Down's Syndrome but ...

A Preemie's Journey
This is the blog of a stay at home mum to four amazing kids, one of whom was born at 24 weeks, and now has special needs. In August 2003 he was diagnosed with Autism, in January 2005 with learning disabilities. ...

Can you hear the siren?
Shacommunity a bit of our life with the world at large, including the joys, struggles, concerns, and laughs we experience as parents of 3 kids, one of whom can be found somewhere in the middle of "the ...

My Beautiful Child Griffin & Autism
This blog is dedicated to my son who is high functioning and hyperlexic.It's all about the challenges of autism, the tears of joy and pain, and how we deal with it all in a fun and positive way.

Patrick Fitzgerald's Weblog
A magpie's view of the world -- what is bright and shiny today?

Operation Super Woman
Just a mom who isnt a superwoman, living in a world with an autistic son.

My Son's Autism

Awalkabout's Weblog
A developing slice of life about my kids with autism, and observations on life in general

The Stimming Spot
autism and asperger family

Injecting Sense
A parent's discussion of issues related to autism spectrum disorders.

Daily Doses

Snow White, 7 Dwarves and PDD
This blog is where I write about my life, my large family, dealing with autism ( PDD-Nos) and ADD. I try to encourage and inspire others in an entertaining manner. It is my desire to raise autism and ...

MOM - Not Otherwise Specified
On raising a son on the autism spectrum, progressive politics, pop culture, and coffee addiction

Dear Noah
This is a diary blog to my son Noah, who has autism, sensory integration disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and speech/language delay. As well as keeping a record of Noah's setbacks and progress ...

These are my thoughts on being a mom, being myself, and how Autism has changed our lives. Formerly READY, SET, GO!

Autistic Spectrum Disorders/Aspergers
Blog under construction- Thoughts and feelings of a single parent in the UK with one 7 yr old son diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder.

Life in the New Republic
A blog that explores raising a son with Aspergers from a Jedi (as in Star Wars) philosophy point of view.

"finding a cure begins with hope" A mother's thoughts on the journey to her son's Autism and beyond.

Along the Spectrum
A view of autism from along the spectrum

A mother's journal of raising a son with Asperger Syndrome, looking for humor in our lives, and finding joy every step of the way.

Stumbling Towards Normal
A library mama's guide to raising an autistic son.

Autism Bulletin
News, insights and resources for parents of kids with autism spectrum disorders, by a parent of a young child with an autism spectrum disorder

the day to day life of a father who has a son with autism showing all sides to living with autism including the bad the good and ugly.

Diary of a Crazed Mommy

Viable therapy options for social gray areas are presented through my son's intervention summary. Specifics utilizing ABA delivered via NET for Theory Of Mind, Executive Functioning, and Abstract ...