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A place for Christian bloggers who care deeply about peacemaking.

Rain and the Rhinoceros
A blog reflecting on politics, culture, theology, and issues related to justice and peace.

Thoughts From The Heart On The Left
These are my thoughts on the nature of the world and the need for Christ as the Way.

Faithfully Liberal
Faithfully Liberal is an open forum for politics, faith and the intersection of the two. It is dedicated to the practice of public theology as a way of calling our nation, our political and faith leaders, ...

Sandalstraps' Sanctuary
Where the Secular and the Sacred Meet

Semper Reformanda
A theology blog committed to the continual renewal of the Church through dialogue and scholarly reflection.

Leaving Munster
Leaving Munster is an experiment in Anabaptist spirituality in a post-Christendom world. One of the aims of the site is to explore alternative ways and traditions of following Jesus in world that is n ...

Christian Conscientious Objection
Information on conscientious objection and the Selective Service System

The Young Evangelical
Bryan Peters, a young evangelical Baptist, writes on various issues of Christ and culture. A strong belief in the authority of Scripture has led him to hold many Reformed views along with a strong ethic ...

The Nuts
Progressive Christian and Buddhist views of theology, religion, politics, and life. This site is filled with regular book reviews as well as a healthy dose of prophetic critique of the empire.

The Ivy Bush
a place for discussion of Christian theology, with special reference to Methodism, pacifism, and the radical nature of orthodoxy

Howie Luvzus
Thoughts of a "recovecommunity baptist" who is looking to find his way in a confusing world.

The Fire and the Rose
A blog dedicated to issues of dogmatic theology, political ethics, and the relation between gospel and culture.

PamBG's Blog
I am a probationer Methodist Minister in the Kidderminster and Stourport Circuit of The Methodist Church of Great Britain. Although born in the United States, I have lived in the UK for the last 18 years. ...

God in a Shrinking Universe
A blog about a positive Christianity in a declining world.

It Seems to Me...
It Seems to Me... is a blog of personal reflections on life and faith. Join me in this journey of unending discovery.

A Thinking Reed
Ruminations and observations on a variety of matters theological, philosophical, political, and trivial from a thirty-something mainline Protestant, political outlier, aspicommunity vegetarian, heavy metal ...

A conservative blog for peace
Some jottings about the news: Catholic (high-church, not necessarily Roman), conservative, anti-state, anti-war


Disruptive Grace
A blog that tells the story of God's revelatory work in my life through existential musings and rational/political discourse as layperson, systematic theologian, and minister of the gospel.

Mined Splattecommunitys
Socio-Historico-Ridiculo-Theological slag from the delved cranium of a biophile. This space is where I will muse at length about theological issues, seminary life, the direction of the church and anything ...

I'm a Presbyterian minister in North Carolina, husband, father of two (one of whom is autistic), and Secretary of our county's Democratic Party. I used to like to blog about things that make me angry. ...

Peace Church Challenge
Only the Christian Church can terminate war by raising the voice of its ministers and priests in the pulpit of their respective congregations. Devastation caused by war will end only when ministers and ...

Notes from underground
Ideas and reflections on society, culture, politics, literature, war and peace, from an Orthodox Christian point of view

Anabaptist Rants
These are "rants" from a passionate Anabaptist Christian seeking authentic expressions of faith in a God-gifted world.

Proclaiming the apocalyptic message of Christ, nonviolence or nonexistence, in truth and love. Shacommunity the Biblical basis for Christian nonviolence. Exposing the social and political implications ...