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The community for knitters from Asian and those who are connected to the East..

Vintagefusion Knits & Crochets
Singaporean knitter and crocheter...been knitting for past 10 years. Hope to join you gals soon!

My Knittin World
My Life and my knitting

Rose-Kim Knits
A blog about my knitting, life and other stuff

Eva 's Knitting Journal
All about my knitting and life.

Indonesian knitter in Ohio!


Knit vs. Crochet
A girl in the big city, torn between two obsessions.

Knit Nut Natters
Knitting adventures at 35 degrees Celcius

Cosmopolitan Purls
knitting, spinning, and life in Japan

Knittin Mama

Life, one stitch at a time through knitting, sewing, and other crafty pursuits.

HK Knitter

Chie's Crochet & Knitting
This is my crochet and crocheting & knitting. My knitting experience is longer than crochet, but now I crochet (a lot) more than I knit. (^_^;) I was born and raised in Japan so I often use Japanese designers' ...

The Caffinated Knitter

Asia Knits Forum
The forum for Asian Knitters

Little Pear's Workshop
I'm first generation Chinese-Canadian and here is a place for me to rant and rave about the crafty happenings that come from my room. A place otherwise known as Little Pear's Workshop. Little Pear being ...

Bee Knits
A blog about my knitting and my life in America.

If you would love to spin a dream
Spinning, knitting and weaving inspired by loved ones dear to my heart ~ a Singapore girl in the United States

Cc's Crochet & Knit Doll house
Cc's Crochet & Knit Doll house~ Welcome to my Doll House, I want to share with you my knitting + Crochet gallery ~ Enjoy !

Kind is of a knitting notebook no pictures yet because I am majorly computer illiterate and also sort of a technophobe. But I do lots of knitting, promise.

This is the blog of a granddaughter of a Chinese Man and her knitting obsession.

Celia's Knitting Adventures

Little Purl of the Orient
A knitblog of a Singaporean knitter living in Hong Kong.

Korean- American knitting blog my life with knitting, unknitting, manga, and Korean drama loving hubby.

Lazy Saturday
a korean girl knitting and going to school in New England