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Free Speech from those who help make it possible. MilBlogs are blogs operated by a current Active Duty, Guard or Reserve member of the US military. Veterans, or Mil-Spouses, with a significant amount of their content devoted to military issues (80-90%) can also join

The Mudville Gazette
The Mudville Gazette is the on-line voice of an American warrior and his wife who stands by him. They prefer to see peaceful change render force of arms unnecessary. Until that day they stand fast with ...

Blackfive - The Paratrooper of Love
{;}News, rants, and blather from a smart-ass, regular guy who also happens to be a patriot.{;}

Sgt Hook
{;}The life of a soldier, in war and in peace.{;}

From my position... On the way!
A site where a company commander rants, raves, explains, and comments on the things he sees, the way he sees them. Not for the PC or lighthearted.

Soldier's Mom
Thoughts of a Soldier's Mom In a Time of War

Sgt. Stryker's Daily Briefing
The First and the Best military blog this world has ever seen. Unleashed upon an unsuspecting world in 2001, SSDB quickly reached stratospheric levels of popularity and self-importance. SSDB has been ...

Bravo Battery Family and Friends - (joined Ghost Battallion)

What\'s up in the news, a taste of my views and a few of my Slide/Video Shows that I put together. (You\'ll like these!!!)

2Slick's Forum (joined Ghost Battallion)
Black Hawk Pilot served in Iraq with the 101st. Now in Kuwait...

Life Lessons of a Military Wife
Follow along as you learn to streamline your life as a military wife or spouse. Not a military spouse? These life lessons will help anyone get their life on track and get organized! Enjoy life and don\'t ...

An Army Reservist in Iraq - (joined Ghost Battallion)
An accounting of my time in Iraq; how I got there, what I did, and coming home.

Days Gone By
I am a girlfriend to a wonderful Marine and a mother of 2 darling children. We are prepacommunity for him to deploy back to the Sandbox. This will be my rants, raves and rumblings with my life with him ...


Marine Historian
The author is a high school history teacher and Marine reservist whose mission is to help document Marine Corps history as it occurs. This blog contains some of his personal observations and reflections ...

The Staff Monkey - (joined Ghost Battallion)
An Air Force staff monkey (read action officer) trying to make sense of his job, the Air Force and things in general

Froggy Ruminations - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
Navy SEAL blog

Author Jim Greenhill is a full-time, active duty sergeant in the National Guard; his posts include comments about his Guard experiences and the true crime writing he does as a civilian.

Doc in the Box
Navy Corpsman with 3 trips to Iraq, his life and adventures.

Weekly Newsletters from SSG Paul Farr in Iraq - M.Lubke - (joined Ghost Battallion)
Includes updates and pictures of work his and other units (3rd/112th Armor BN, Panther S-5, 56th Brigade Combat Team, 36th Infantry DIV) are doing to better communities in Iraq. Intended to enlighten those ...

The Story Of Us - (joined the Ghost Battallion)
Telling the daily activities of a military wife, re-telling the stories of a deployed hubby. Counting down the days....

Live... from the rear
Enducommunity Iraqi Freedom from \"rear d\" Tales of a C130 Crewchief... just crewin\'.......

Diary of the Mad Pigeon
An ecclectic mix of current affairs, acerbic social commentary, and media reviews, as well as occasional nonsensical dribble and useless trivia... all held together with duct tape by a USAF officer and ...

History's Garbage Dump

The Wood Shed
Former Naval Flight Officer commenting on whatever seems important, insane, or just plain stupid. \"You never know what you\'re going to find in the pile.\"

Sisyphus Today....
A view of the war in Iraq from a Signal Soldier\'s point-of-view. Debate, philosophy, and musings on the daily happenings.

TBone's War Journal
It\'s about war, politics, and subjective opinion.

Hundreds of Fathoms
News and comment on all things that prowl the murky depths of the world’s oceans by a U.S. Submarine vet and former yardbird (Shipyard Worker) and sandcrab (Defense Contractor).

lawndartswife - (joined Ghost Battallion)
Life being married to a soldier

Active Duty Military Money and Matters
An Advice Blog for Uniformed Services Members by a Uniformed Service Member Obessed with Money Matters.

The Bull Speaks!
Rantings of a madman? Or, perhaps, Words of Wisdom? You decide. Site is operated by a disabled US Navy Submarine Veteran,(spinal cord injury).

Hooah !! ....545 - (joined Ghost Battallion)
A Soldier Moms Journal for her daughter whos been deployed to Iraq with the US Army Reserves