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Lord of the Communitys Fan Sites

Aragorn Kingdom
All about human race in Tolkien Novel LOTR

Elven Haven
A site with galleriws, forum, banners, wallpapers, music etc.

The Morning and the Evening
A non-official fanlisting for the relationship between Galadriel and Arwen

Halfling Land
A slash free site with tons of interactive stuff, and info on your favorite hobbits!

A fansite dedicated to Australian actor John Noble who played Denethor in RotK and the TTT EE.

The Eye Candy Awards
An awards site for the actor, actresse and character's sites of Lord of the Communitys

By the Blood of Gondor
Site with mostly slash/RPS fics about Boromir, Aragorn, & Legolas, & Sean B. & Viggo right now, but ALL fics are welcome. Also has "real" slash pictures, as well as large "movie" screen caps.

a tribute to Galadriel. Includes writing, artwork, and a detailed biography.


Communitys Rocks My Socks
This is a fansite based on the Lord of the Communitys books and movies. The site is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION and i am finishing it as fast as i can. The purpose of the site is to display fanart made ...

Karl Urban the cutest Kiwi we know
Here you can discuss everything about karl and lotr. We have also a download, link and articlesection where you can post or just read. Hope you`ll enjoy our community :-)

Billy Boyd/Pippin Links
This site features an extensive list of links to the many wonderful Billy Boyd/Pippin/LOTR related sites that are on the internet.

Info site about all the women from Tolkien lore.

The Official Fereveldir/Ben Britton Site
The official site of Ben Britton, who plays the elf Fereveldir in FOTR & TTT. He's the elf who was seen at the Last Alliance with his hair blowing in his face, and he's also at Helm's Deep. He is the ...

A site dedicated to Galadriel

A fansite, tribute to Eomer, the Third Marshal of the Riddermark and future king of Rohan

Meri's Ekele
A website with general humor, MST's (Mystery Science Theatre parodies), and LoTR.

Tori & Amethyst LOTR Website
Our website is devoted completely to the Lord of the Community Trilogy with much to offer: LOTR Postcards, and extensive gallery and so much more.{;}

The Quest for the Community
This is a forum for fans of Tolkien's books, the films, or both. Here you can post your reviews and thoughts about Lord of the Communitys with other members. Includes a section for fan fiction, roleplay, ...

bloomin' sync
Bloomin' sync is a desktop wallapaper/brackground site that had LOTR, Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood, and Dominic Monaghanbackgrounds, as well as some others. Come and visit :)

Prince of Ithilien
a fanlisting for Faramir

a fanlisting for Luthien Tinuviel

Endor Dreams
An elite collection of Lord of the Communitys wallpapers featucommunity a wide range of characters and actors.

The Pelennor Fields
A general LotR site. It just opened but hopefully will be worth taking a peek at (",).

The Magic Of One
A place that is full of magic, Lord of the Communitys and Harry Potter movie and books sections. Fun LOTR and HP games and activities, and so many free graphics for you.