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This is a blog community for Bad Girls Who Knit. If you're a knitter, a blogger and a real bad a*s, you know who you are.

Life, art & yarn
random thoughts of a crazed new mom and knitter

Cats And Yarn
A knitting blog with occasional ascerbic oberservation.

Adventures of the Kelly-Green Rogue
Fightin' crime with two sticks and a bit of stcommunity

Fit Knitter
Knitting, crocheting and the occasional rant from an adventurous teen.

Crafty Girl's Life
A journal of my craftiness.

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
Running, knitting, and the ongoing, mind-numbing quest to complete my degree.

Just Peachy*
A site about knitting, kids, cats, and--well, the usual, I guess. {Formally "Smooshy Knit"}

TitaniumRose - crafting again
I'm a knit blogger with an attitude looking to join in the fun!

A Knitter In Queens
All about my addiction to knitting.

I knit when I should be studying. Plus I drink and knit. When I'm really trying to annoy my boyfriend I knit while kissing him (knissing?)

Bitchin' Sitchin'
Diary of a self-confessed yarn-o-holic, who knits, eats chocolate and contemplates life in general whilst living halfway between Oxford & London in rainy England. Having just ditched alcoholic Texan husband ...

Norge Thingy
A blog about a quietly desperate life in Toronto with one clever eye on Norway. Oh and knitting.

The Knitting Tango
Blogging about passionate knitting and it's relationship to perhaps the most passionate and sensual dance ever danced, the Argentine Tango.

Thoughts of a knitter
Just the random thoughts, rants and moans of a knitter.

I'm a misfit who knits and reads OPB (Other People's Blogs) when I should be working.

Krazi Knitter's Place
The life of a 30ish Mother of 5, with 5 cats and 1 puppy trying to keep her sanity through knitting my butt off!

Fcommunitye Effects
College Life, Knitting, Random Thoughts, Rants, Physics, Movie Reviews & More! Everything you've been searching for with a candy coated shell. Well....maybe not.

Knit1 Purl2 Cats 3
It\'s a webpage turned blog. It\'s just one page, but in a few months, I will be opening up a pure knitting SITE not just a blog. So until then, this is it.

Cinnamon Purls
Just my ramblings on Knitting, Crocheting, and enjoying life!

Darkside of Knitting
My blog about me and my knitting and my cat, and my desire to be a pirate.

Eniyan\'s Adventures with Her Fiberlicious Self
Knitting and spinning. Single, no kids no hubby postings.

Fearless Fibers
Another knitting and yarn blog. Knit, yarn, chit chat ... all good.

kat skratch crafting
A place for me to journal my knitting, crocheting, and other crafts.

Fiber arts and random ramblings of a grad student at Indiana University.

Needle Addict
a blog chronicling the knitting and craft adventures of a soon to be, up and coming designer living in Toronto.