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This community is for bloggers who knit using any type of knitting machine. Requirements: 1) Your blog must have existed for at least 2 weeks. 2) You must post an article about machine knitting at least once a month and you must have already posted two articles discussing machine knitting. 3) Important You must know how to paste in the Community HTML code and must be display on the "main" page of your blog and so it is visible to visitors. If you put it in the wrong place, communitysurf will kick you out when it automatically checks for the code. (The community hostess can't over ride this.) I suggest putting it in the sidebar or the footer of your template. Do not paste it into an individual blog article. 4) You are encouraged create a category on your blog for machine knitting. (So tha visitors can find the machine knitting content.) 5) You may not host adult content.


A blog about knitting, hand and machine, spinning, dyeing, weaving and felting

What\'s knittin\' at Knit In Your Pants
Blog started to chronicly my machine and hand knitting. I knit diaper covers and some kids clothes and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Jussi's knitting circle
Trying to combine my love of knitting ( machine and hand) with my mad family life as an expat kiwi in Sydney

Needles of Steel
The trials and tribulations of a lone machine knitter in Rugby, UK. Free patterns and techniques, and plenty of eye-candy! :)

simple sewing and machine knitting and examples of my marbled fabric.Original patterns for sewing and MK as well as my works in progress

Once Upon a Time... A Journey to Middle England
Knitting and Gardening in Central England

My Knitting Machines And Me
Past and present projects on the Knitmaster 4500, Bond and Bond Elite and anything else of interest.

Knitting on the Rogue River
life is all about color!

Quail Hill Knits
A personal blog explocommunity cut and sew techniques with both hand and machine knitting.

I\'m a South Aussie knitter, fusion knitting with my recently re-discovered Bond :-)

knitting bare
My knitting( machine and hand) and my art. All in one convenient package.

Zeeppo's Knitting Blog
This blog is about my adventures as one of the few unashamed male knitter in Pittsburgh.

about my knitting dogs and life

Shamrock Knits
I try to machine knit, hand knit, and crochet; but have some serious gauge issues. LOL

Bright Meadow Knits
Hand and machine knitting diary

Machine Knitting

From the Obsessed Crafter
Here I talk about knitting projects for both hand and machine. There are Free and sale patterns, tips and techniques that are helpful to anyone interested,polls and links to helpful places. All of the ...

Swedish blog about machine knitting.

Roz's Loft
A machine knitting blog that also includes just about any fiber art I've heard of, if I haven't heard of it yet I haven't done it but will soon I suspect. I HK, MK, spin, weave, machine embroider and ...

Machine Knit Designer's Blog
I'm an avid machine and hand knitter and enjoy all sorts of fiber crafts. Married for 39 years, we have 3 children and 11 grandchildren who keep us young and active. I love to create new and unusual designs ...

...a machine knitting, hand knitting, passap, designaknit blog

Machine knitting musings, patterns (both free and for sale), a little about my life.

Bond Knitting
My blog is all about me and my Bond knitter.

Machine and hand knitting, recipes, home, photos, quilting, tatting