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There are other existing bipolar communitys, but this one will be one to connect only those who are bipolar (manic depressant), or shacommunity their lives with someone who is. {;}{;}There are many of us out there writing about our daily lives and the difficulty our disorder creates. Hopefully this community will connect those with different experiences and we can learn and share them with others.

Little Angi's Den
This site is dedicated to bipolar disorder and child onset bipolar disorder. I have a page that compares symptoms to other disorders and a page on childrens sleep issues. I also have a newsletter that ...

Through a glass, darkly
This site is my way of dealing with my illness. I am by no means an expert on this disorder, but I know myself and what this illness has done to me. This site is designed to answer questions about ...

Broken Dreams
A blog about dealing with anxiety, depression, social phobia and bi-polar disorder.

Panacea - a cure all
Panacea is my journal updated somewhat regularly. It is a part of my Niftyfingers.com domain, which hosts my art, poetry, and other interests, such as words and hockey.

Diverging Roads
Diverging Roads is the record of one woman's challenge with bipolar disorder and the effects - for good and ill - it has had on her creative and personal life. Includes original fiction, photography, other ...

Random blathecommunity of a twenty-something college student trying to deal with bipolar disorder, her mother's death, and the rapid approach of the rather frightening real world.

Bipolar and Me
A bipolar girl trying to make sense of the world. Bipolar doesn\'t mean who I am, it just happens to be what I am, and does it really affect my day to day life? I\'m trying to figure that out.

BiPolar Daily
BiPolar Type One. Trying to make sense of this bittersweet symphony. Daily. (Most days).

A Touch of Peace
A website that promotes God\'s goodness in a mother with bipolar and son with autism/bipolar disorder. It also promotes my new book \" A Touch of Peace\" a collection of poems that inspire and encourage ...

Weird Cake: Treats from a Bipolar Mind
Welcome to a daily (uh, kind of) view of life from a bipolar brain. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder Type II in 2001 and like to share about my Witch Doctor visits, meds, work, politics, football, ...

Bipolar Mo
Diary of a Scotsman with manic depression

Having been zapped by the bipolar wand, I can\'t commit to any schedule.and some days take absolute effort to keep life running right-side up; it\'s a day-to-day victory. Every day is a new unfolding Early ...

Spin Me I Pulsate
Parenting blind on bad drugs!

I Would Happily Change my Name to Jane
My experiences with Bipolar II Disorder

Thoughts on life through a bipolar lense, focusing on healing and hope, despite living through difficult times.

Life with Bipolar Disorder
Rants and musings of someone diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

An Inconvenient Illness
Tales from the everyday life of a 23 year old woman- known to most as a happy, silly, and grounded girl- that suffers quietly from bipolar disorder. An artist, writer, athlete, and comedy enthusiast, ...

Your Bipolar Girl
my life with bipolar disorder.

Party of One
I'm hopelessly lost.

Bipolar Support
Anything and Everything "Bipolar" - Mania, Depression, Mixed States, Rapid Cycling. And Co-existing Symptoms/Disorders - Anxiety, OCD, Eating Disorders, ADD/ADHD, Substance Addiction/Abuse, Etc.. This ...

Divine Secrets of a Pastoral Princess
The laughter and tears of a 31 year old mother of two with BPD. I have been blogging for years, yet only recently diagnosed...my blog is a strange mix of madness, sadness, gladness, and badassness. Rural ...

music is math // dayvan cowboy
Online open-access journal of a bipolar/ADHD once-prodigy child gone horribly wrong.

openly complicated
crazy, complicated, but worth the time. big beautiful woman with devious smirk and checkered past trying to complete the tail end of her most recent falling to pieces.

hopeworks community
a bipolar site with information, articles, and stories about the effort to cope with bipolar disorder. A husband and his wife with bipolar trying to survive

the bunny years
just your average girl, living life